End of an Era: Penthouse magazine for sale

Penthouse, the risque adult magazine founded by publisher Bob Guccione, is going on the block.

The men’s magazine, which has struggled with a steep drop in sales as its traditional customers have been lured away by the explicit content on the Internet, is up for sale as part of an agreement between parent company General Media Inc. and creditors.

Guccione started Penthouse in 1965. Along with Playboy’s Hugh Hefner and Hustler magazine’s Larry Flynt, he became one of the most famous publishers in the world of adult magazines.

But sales of Penthouse have dropped sharply in recent years. In addition to losing customers to an array of adult material available on the Internet, many younger men have gravitated toward less sexually graphic and more celebrity-oriented magazines like Maxim.

Already, wrists are getting weaker and hair is not growing in palms as much as before. Unless you get your porn from the 'net.

I was wondering when printed porn was going to start dropping off.

Ahh Penthouse. Always my favorite. Racier than Playboy, but not quite so…um…In your face, so to speak, as Hustler.

As a former employee of Penthouse publisher General Media, Inc., I believe I signed a piece of paper that prevents me from going “Heh. HEH! Hah! Snicker! Snort. Hehehehehehe…” So I won’t.

Favorite GMI moment: A large number of employees are laid off from the NY offices due to growing debt. A now-former employee tells a reporter, “I don’t know why Guccione had to let so many people go when he could have just sold one of his paintings.” {At the time, he had one of the most valueable private collections of art from the Masters.} Guccione’s response when confronted with the quote? “Why should I have to sell a painting when I can let people people go?”

Lemme tell ya, that did wonders for morale among the remaining employees!

To be fair (though I know why Denny thought it sucked) it is bad business to invest or sell off personal property in order to fund or bail out a company. Of course, his response could have been more tactful.

Oh, yeah, I fully understand why he didn’t do it.

But it just showed how out of touch they were with the little people.

There was also the time someone got fired because he couldn’t get the phone company to install a T3 line on one day’s notice after the launch of Penthouse.com crushed the servers. I got a million of 'em, I tell ya!

The Hun is your friend.

More stories!

More stories!

let’s have a penthouse forum!

:lol: Why did it take so may replies to come up with that?

When I first read the thread title I thought you finally decided to give up masturbation and you were selling your stash Midnight Son!


According the NY Post, Larry Flynt may be interested in buying Penthouse.

Kewl, can’t wait to get the monthly extreme closeup female anatomy special! And I’m not even a gynecologist! (You know, there is a market for tasteful, classy nudes… right?)