End of the world thanks!

I have read recently that the word end the 21 because some mayans 2YK effect.

I want to take this oportunity, because nothing last forever, to thank all of you. I love all of you.

Since I hate OT threads I will add the pretense of a gaming topic here. What game are you looking forward to in 2013*?
Mine is Bioshock Infinity, it seems a interesting place.


*2013…only theorically, since probably the world will not last that long.

I also very much will miss you all, this is my favorite place to come chat about things I like.

Lots of games I want next year, if we all make it.
I think my highest hopes are for Company of Heroes 2.

But its a double cloud of doom, with the end of the world AND thq not doing well financially. I hope we make it and it comes out! :p

To keep it gaming related, I’m actually finding quite a few games I’m looking forward to next year.

Bioshock Infinite
Company of Heroes 2
Etrian Odyssey 4 (3DS)
[U]Fire Emblem Awakening /U
Space Hulk
Total War Rome II
Walking Dead Season 2
GTA V (PC, hopefully)Wasteland 2
Project Eternity (is that 2013?)Grim Dawn (is that 2013?)
Sacred 3
[U]Dragon Age III /U
Crysis 3
Tomb Raider
The Last of Us

…and I’m sure there will be tons of awesome stuff that I only hear about very close to release, usually from this very site.

I’m looking forward to Space Hulk and Bioshock: Infinite. Shame I’ll be dead and never get to play them.

I’ll be playing Limit Theory and Star Citizen, having shifted a gear in the time dimension as a non-corporeal being after the 21st (you know we are all going to be disappointed right?), it’s straight to 2014-2015 for me. And yes, i love everyone too :)

We’re just joking with this Mayan thing, right? No-one is actually panicking over what some primitive dead people thought about the end of the world, right?

You’re giving the human species far too much credit.

Somewhat mean to call the Mayans primitive, as all the articles coming out about their calendars emphasize they were really good at math and were not actually predicting the end of the world

I’m looking forward to Football Manager 2013 going on sale so I can buy it and whatever games come out for my incredible new Xbox console I will by next fall

It is possible the Mayans might be wrong though.

After all, others have been wrong.

And I’m just hoping to get my post count to 1000 before Friday. Which is why I’ve posted twice in a row.

Nasa is probably looking for that asteroid that will end it all tomorrow, as we speak.

Shame we didn’t get to see Arma3 before it ended, but, alas… only this and nothing more.

The Mayans didn’t say the world would end. It’s just the ending of the current b’ak’tun, which began on September 18, 1618.

Anyway, I’m most looking forward to Elder Scrolls Online.

Goodbye, sweet Qt3. I’ve enjoyed lurking for years.

That’s kind of you to give me the benefit of the doubt with all that stuff you just said, considering that we’ll all be dead soon anyway.

I wasn’t really looking forward to anything, since there’s already like 80 games I haven’t finished (and now will never finish sob), but yeah that Elder Scrolls Online looks pretty cool.

Someone rekindle the fire.

This is a nice thread! Thanks! And its nice to see others who realize that popular culture has completely distorted what the mayan calendars were all about - I wonder how that started?

I was really looking forward to quite a lot of games actually, but mostly

Total War: Rome 2! Loved, loved loved the first one, and its a favorite historical period of mine.

Space Hulk - Awesome game, and the old version where you played in 3 different windows at the same time was great!

Sacred 3 - Sacred 2 was an incredible game, that I’m always sad more people didn’t play. Its way better than, say, Diablo 3. (Flame on, its all over soon!)

Tomb Raider - Reboot I think its called? Looks great, and the idea behind is awesome. Also - she has a nice rack.

re the last thing

Before I get called out on my last remark by the reborn puritans - its just a comment on what the developers clearly mean for you to notice, which is funny, and sad…but mostly funny

Don’t worry it will be ok. The end of the world is not actually the end of anything, more the start of something new (matter and energy being quite hardy an all), it will be fun and who knows what awesome games we will get to play?!

I do feel a bit disingenuous about Christmas though. That could really have been a waste of money this time?

Yeah it is not the end of the world, but the end of the world as you know it. That is a big difference. As for next year there is nothing big I am looking forward to. Id like to play the next Fallout or Elder scrolls game, but who knows when they may come out. Hopefully there will be some nice surprises.

Need an advice here - should I back-up my PC before the end? I just don’t want to loose all my photos and I don’t have enough space on my back-up disk. So I was thinking to buy a new large disk - the hell with the money, how many end of the world we have?

I’m sure you won’t need your porn collection in the resulting mayhem.