Enderal - Skyrim Total Conversion

Enderal deserves its own thread.

I’m 2 hours in and so far it’s fantastic. Much more narrative-driven than Bethesda games. Completely free. Get it now.

The launcher backs up the default Skyrim install and replaces it with Enderal. This only takes a couple seconds, and you can easily reverse that process in the same launcher.

Enderal Site

NexusMods for Enderal

I’m running at maxed-out settings (obviously Skyrim is an old engine) and seeing tons of pop-in. Anyone know how to fix that?

This is from the guys who did Nehrim. I had in the back of my mind to check out what they were doing for Skyrim, good reminder.

And to fix the pop-in, there are some mods that do it (your mileage may vary with a TC though) but you can also edit the ini files directly. http://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/35760/how-can-i-extend-the-view-distances-further will get you started but there are guides all over the net for tweaking Skyrim at this point.

I hope it doesn’t start as one long never-ending linear puzzle-dungeon like Nehrim does.

That was why I never actually played Nehrim properly - got stuck in the opening dungeon, had no idea what to do next and an invulnerable troll constantly in my face, quit in disgust.

It doesn’t. You start out in a very cool narrative sequence, then you’re guided through the next two areas or so.

@Synth: The pop-in is actually really close-by. It’s weird, like boxes will shimmer and appear when I’m 20 feet away. Kinda distracting.

I’m just amused at how close this name is to the beta blocker drug Inderal (propranolol).

PC Gamer’s review:

What it’s not is a stick to beat Bethesda with. If you’re the kind of dissatisfied Elder Scrolls fan looking for an excuse to say “Here’s what Skyrim should have been!” this isn’t it. In fact, Enderal makes me appreciate Skyrim even more for reminding me of that initial burst of discoveries and letting me experience something like it again.[/quote]

Yes, it’s an entirely different game that happens to superficially look a great deal like Skyrim. The combat is familiar, but much harder (at least, in the beginning). The leveling and progression is entirely different. The characters and setting are harsher-- very bad things happen in Enderal. And the voice acting is… well, lets say uneven.

With 6 months of professional QA and polish and better voice acting, I’d happily pay $60 for this. As is, it’s awesome for free.

Ooo, maybe I’ll stream this tonight

I’ve also played for about two hours so far and had a great time with it. It looks great, VA is on the level, Risen vibes all around. I just can’t decide on the class I want to play, maybe I’ll mix infiltrator with some thauamaturgy or w/e mental magic tree is called.

The intro, right when you start the game, gets real dark, real fast.

Sounds like my type of game!!! Do you know if any of the graphics mods work with it or if they’re doing anything in the package like that?

Out of the box, borderless fullscreen works. It also has a PC-oriented UI. Beyond that, there is an Enderal-specific mod section on the Nexus but most of them are still in German. Some talk about ENB but my deutsch sprecken not so gut so I didn’t touch them.


So far I’ve managed to resist getting the mod that enables fast travel.

Oh yeah-- no fast travel in Enderal.

I don’t know if you’ll even need them, the game is head and shoulders above vanilla Skyrim when it comes to image quality.

Textures look great, and there’s tons of color. Flowers blooming everywhere, etc.

ENB does stuff the vanilla engine can’t, though.

Yeah, I was talking about the lighting so I am a bit curious. Maybe I’ll ask for a translation on twitter heh

oh ho check this - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77262/?

Haven’t played it yet, but I remember from the discussions about the German release 6 weeks ago that there are some means for quick travel tied into story and setting. Three different things or so? Maybe you want to check into this again.
A real quick travel in which the world moves at the speed of light below you was developed and then cut out again because the Skyrim engine couldn’t handle it.

They have horses, and you can fast travel between specific points like in Morrowind. I was referring to Oblivion/Skyrim-style where you pick any point of interest on the map and are instantly teleported there.

Yeah, these might be the least useful quotes from the review, except I guess to warn people this isn’t like Skyrim.

I’m glad to hear they’re going with the same Gothic-like approach that made Nehrim such a nice combination with the Oblivion engine. And I like that they’ve retained small but satisfying rewards for exploration.

I can’t do 50 hours but I think I’ll at least install it to decide whether to put it on my backlog.