Enderal - Skyrim Total Conversion

Correct. ;)

I tried the original Enderal a few years ago and quit within 15 minutes. Skyrim was an awesome experience, but it’s hard to go back, especially trying to get invested in a huge mod.

I really liked enderall. Bethesda could learn a lot from the level design. You see the same assets as you do in skyrim, but they are used so much better than in skyrim. Also the story is really good.

Now when no big mustplay games are coming out and I got through my backlog, 6 years after first becoming interested, I am finally playing Enderal (the Special Edition Steam version). It runs great (4K maxed at 60) and looks decent enough (yes, Skyrim engine, but it looks better than Skyrim).
I am two hours in and very interested in continuing. This should be great.

And the game I will play after, is another total conversion, Archolos for Gothic 2.

Bury the lede why don’t you :) I remember liking a lot of Enderal but I tried Archolos recently and couldn’t face it. I’d be interested to hear if it works for you. Enderal’s not short though :)

Why couldn’t you face it? I tried it (just to test) with DX11 mod and xbox controller and it seemed like I’d be able to get into it - the graphics is old, but still atmospheric and it plays as well as ever.

I know both games are probably 100+ hour affairs, but it’s not like any games (that interest me) are coming out these days.

I should have tried a controller but clunking though uninteresting dialog in linear sections did nothing for me. I didn’t get very far. Actually trying Shadowrun Hong Kong right now. That’s pretty good.

Hmm :]

So I assume you didn’t really get into the game proper. Many RPGs start in a more linear fashion before they open up…

This one also starts linear, but the view after I crawled through some ruins is worth it

8 hours in. So far so good. It’s funny how it runs on Skyrim engine and uses its assets, but actually reminds me more of Kingdom Come than Skyrim. The world design is so distinctly unSkyrimlike. And it even has a dice game!

This bard has like 10 different well sang songs I can ask her to sing, ridiculous

SureAI’s “environmental storytelling” skeleton game is on point

Thank you guys for reminding me this existed. I lost almost two hours to it yesterday. What great fun. Also VERY good writing and ASTOUNDING voice acting for a free total conversion.

18 hours, just arrived in Ark. This game is ridiculous. If this was an official paid game published by Bethesda, people would be calling it Skyrim’s New Vegas.


Just added few KB’s worth of ENB and Enderal is suddenly a nextgen game

Also, this is the best Elder Scrolls game ever made

I’m still dying a LOT, but I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

Also how did you do that?

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying this. I tried it for an hour many years ago, and I absolutely could not stand the idea of playing more Skyrim. Maybe I’m over that now? I don’t know if I’ll ever find out.

I’m enjoying it because it is and isn’t Skyrim.

Did the first three steps described here


here is the needed ENB

But get ready for serious framerate drop - previously I played Enderal in 4K maxed out, it never dropped below 60fps and my GPU was used from around 50%.

Now, I am playing in 1440p maxed out, and in some areas (like the forest) I still drop into high fifties. I find it worth it though.

I only played Skyrim once when it came out, spent 180 hours in it and was DONE, never wanted to play it again. Never played any DLCs.

But Enderal is very different. Much more handcrafted, with better writing and voice acting, great exploration.

Combat is still Skyrim though. I just play mage and electrocute/fireball things, with occasional two handed axe when I ran out of mana.

Thank you!

More and more I get the feeling that Enderal (with ENB) is a must play for all fans of this RPG subgenre - first/third person storydriven exploration RPGs, i.e. Gothic/Witcher/Kingdom Come type. 32 hours in and all I want to do is keep playing.