Enderal - Skyrim Total Conversion

Still kinda mindblown by this. Who needs Elder Scrolls VI ?

Today’s batch:

shots fired

How are you getting screenshots? F12 isn’t working for me surprisingly.

Steam overlay and whatever key you have taking screens via steam setup (I have it on [ )

I have it on F12. Maybe it’s a Skyrim thing. I’ll change it. Thank you.

The Rhalata and Golden Sickle questlines are so good.

I am glad I was able to get semi-decent ending at least in one of them.

I played it for about 25 hrs a few years ago, found a spell that created a bow which one shot pretty much anything i encountered. Have there been balance changes lately? No matter how interesting the quests are, I can’t digest games with broken combat…

No idea tbh, I am playing elemental mage and didn’t conjure any weapons although I do have the spells. I am playing on the middle difficulty (adept) and the game was a good challenge for some 60 hours, now I am mostly steamrolling stuff, but that’s normal part of RPG progression and I don’t mind, since I am not really playing this for combat anyway. Maybe if I put the difficulty on hardest it would be a challenge again but…whatever.

Just stated this thing and it’s pretty cool. I cannot though figure out how to use memory points. I hit Z, go to the stone monolith island place, and highlight the bottom ability on a stone. But, um, nothing happens. I hit E, nothing. I hit Z again, just go back to the game world. What do I do to spend points? Nothing seems to work, except once I accidentally spent a point in lycanthropy.

That’s weird, I am playing with xbone controller and…no issue - look at the ability I want to unlock, press A and that’s it. I assume you do actually have memory point to spend. Maybe try to remap the button, then back, or try controller?

Also, apply the ENB I posted above if you haven’t already.

I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Spent about a half hour trying various buttons and different ways of selecting before I stumbled on how to do it. Once I did I was like “duh, so obvious”. But I haven’t played since then and have no idea how I did it.

I know this doesn’t help but just wanted to say that it’s not just you.

Figured it out. There is a base ability at the very bottom of the stela, and it’s very easy to miss. Once I selected that, which opens up the rest of that skill tree, it worked as advertised. But yeah, the UI could use a bit of TLC.

Other than that, though, man, this is really quite good. A few rough spots–the world geometry can get wonky at times, and the navmesh, and the text could use some proofreading (I suspect non-native English speakers as well, though all in all the writing is quite ok), but the storylines, the way things work in general, are really solid. Better in many ways than vanilla Skyrim.

Though so many wolves…gagh.

I have started this but found I am dying an awful lot.

I am getting this when installed, followed all the instructions.

How do you stay alive, I find I just get killed by everything.

I assume you have Skyrim SE. My procedure was:


I also disabled letterbox (just change TRUE to FALSE in the enb ini file) and did the fourth step of the STEAMIN description (just added the textures and meshes files into their respective folders) and applied main menu and loading screen fixes (same thing, just copy paste)

As for your dying…I played on adept (default difficulty) and also died a fair amount, but that’s normal…this is more like a Gothic game, world does not scale and you can get your ass kicked, means you better be more careful, figure out a way, or run and come back later.

I am 110 hours in, my character now kicks ass for the most part, but that’s normal in RPGs and I don’t really mind. Still enjoying the quests and the world variety here…

I just downloaded the Skyrim SE from Steam, then immediately downloaded the Enderal installation also from steam. Ran the Enderal shortcut from the desktop. No problems. Ran fine the first time.

Dying, though, yeah. I found that despite my initial idea of a warrior type specializing in two-handed weapons, I am doing much better using a one-handed weapon and a spell. Lightning, lightning, mace, mace, wash, rinse repeat!

You didn’t need to do that. Enderal is standalone, it does not need Skyrim to be installed. It does however need that ENB for a nice modern look…



What an awesome post - Thanks @Paul_cze ! I’ll be trying this out again soon!

Huh. Well, it looks fine the way it is, and I have no patience to jump through all of those hoops you laid out. So, I’ll endure it as is :).

Yeah even vanilla is gorgeous but I do wanna try this at some point.