Endless Legend - Fantasy 4X TBS from Endless Space devs


There are a lot of ways to deal with winter, especially with the expansion that added the Alayi (sp?). At that point, you should also have your heroes skilled up to the point where they can avoid winter penalties.


I did get the science victory in the end and it was joyous! I really want to return to this but I’ve got a lot on my plate at present. So many cool looking factions to play as, minor factions to assimilate, victory conditions to aim for! I trounced the AI on science…

I can’t help you there @Spock as I played all DLC with no changes. I wouldn’t worry about it though if you can; it took me a long time to amass all that science and tech so… around 200 turns, and there was still plenty of spring/summer punctuating the winter periods. I’d be surprised to see a game stretch out another 100+ turns to hit Endless Winter. I found as well that certain tech works better in winter and pearls are essential too so it wasn’t something to worry about exactly, which kind of disappoints me in a way.


I think 150 turns is considered quite a ‘late’ victory when you get a bit practiced with the game. At higher difficulties, AIs will certainly be pushing for victory by that point, if not earlier.

It’s easy to feel a bit ‘drifting’ in the mid/late game, but that means things aren’t going well for you! If a game is going well, I always feel like things are accelerating at a pace I can barely control. Those multipliers really start to stack.

In a way you are racing the clock - narratively, the planet is dying and the winters are a symptom of that. You’ve got to find a solution to that - one way or the other - before it’s too late.


Thanks for the replies. I do think I need to give this one another go!


I love 4x games and tried this one a while ago and it just bounced off me. I think it’s the tactical battles. Do all of you play them out or just auto resolve them. I might like the game more if I skip those sections, but I kind of feel like maybe I should just take the time to learn what I’m doing in those sections better and I might enjoy them.

I want to give this game another chance but I feel like I just don’t get the battles yet.


I reached the point of auto-resolving most of the battles. What killed it for me was the animations above all else. I’d only ever play one out if I had a Guardian that can be micro-managed better or the clear case where the game doesn’t calculate the battle odds well enough and I know I can do a better job.


You can set the animations to a very fast speed. But weirdly only during game setup.


I always recommend to autoresolve the tactical battles. They’re not interesting and they just drag the pace down. The good parts of the game are all in the strategic layer, in my opinion.


I didn’t mind them for the closer battles once I’d wrapped my head around how units behave in different stances and if they’re unable to carry out their commands. Ctrl clicking is essential too. Still, it’s not Age of Wonders 3, unfortunately. Auto-resolve the easy battles and dig into the trickier ones paying close attention to movement and attack range as well as thoroughfares for your rear units. Nothing like getting your melee units trapped at the back.




We’re about to close shop for about 10 days, as we head early into our annual summer break. Don’t worry though, as we’ll soon be back with some news…Here’s a little something to top you over in the meantime…




new race dlc? ok, whatever

new map/planet/underground levels? Ok, you got my attention


Ooo, I’ve been wanting to get back into Endless Legend since my last playthrough which I really enjoyed.


I’m away from my desktop and can’t be bothered to do it on my phone, so just pretend I posted a cartoon wolf whistling and stamping, followed by his tongue dramatically unfolding to improbable lengths.


Yeah, this is pretty much a day one purchase for me. Endless Legend is my favorite game of theirs.


IN. So much in.


“games2gether” eh? Looks interesting, and I wonder what the end-game monetization strategy is for that. Crowd-funding of some sort would be the obvious guess.

Edit: Or maybe not so promising- a forum search showed results for “games2gether” going back at least as far as 2012, and yet there are still only amplitude games on there.


It’s just their forum software, basically.


That’s pretty exciting! I’m in for sure.

Is this any sort of indication that Endless Space 2 has kind of… well, “flopped” is probably far too strong of a word, but what’s the appropriate business-speak? “Failed to meet expectations”?

I am all about new content for older games that I enjoy, it’s just not terribly common when they have a newer game out in the same genre!


It’s early days for Endless Space 2. I think what they need is a big, solid expansion pack and a lot of resources dedicated to it. Endless Legend took a while to really shine, and I think Shifters was that expansion pack that did it, really expanding the winter mechanic.

It could also be that their publishers are big on expanding already popular content, even if it’s quite old. Both Amplitude and Creative Assembly are owned by SEGA - I wonder if they are pushing both the return to Endless Legend and the return to Rome 2? (I’ve no idea - just speculation.)