Endless Legend - Fantasy 4X TBS from Endless Space devs

Great thanks.

I didn’t really want to add too much as wading back into the base game will be enough for the most part. I did think the mini DLC of Lost Tales with some extra quests would be an easy add, but I know I do not care anything about spies/stealth/etc.

Is the unofficial fan patch the one (or an iteration thereof) of the one Fifth Fret referenced back in April of 2019?

EDIT: looks like it is…and also that there’s already a beta patch fix from the community patch site to fix something that’s broken in the official implementation.

Humankind got me to fire this up again too. I had already purchased all but this last DLC but I hadn’t played for years and had never tried several of them. After 1 game I disabled the DLC that added spying. Not sure what I think about the pearls yet, what are peoples views on that?

I think pearls are the worst addition together with eclipses. Both of those things make micromanagement optimal. Other additions are a question of resource allocation. Spying means spending influence and not using hero for governance or army lead, so you can’t say that not spying is objectively dumb. But not chasing pearls is dumb cause you have huge benefits risk-free. It requires a lot of player input but it’s cheap in terms of in-game returns, you just need some units in your empire gathering pearls. Eclipses are similar only now you explore temples again and again.

But it’s subjective. While using those systems is usually optimal it’s not necessary. They probably aren’t as irritating to less competitive player.

Thanks! Next time maybe I will turn those off too.
The game I’m playing is going fine but it feels much slower than I’d remembered, and for some reason it also makes me feel I’d rather be playing Planetfall.
On The other hand I have a much easier time understanding combat here than I did in humankind

Eh, I liked both of those. I am a wierdo I guess.

I enjoy all of Endless Legend’s DLC. I just love the factions and new mechanics. Perhaps I wasn’t playing at the higher difficulties where the micromanagement concerns come in.

I’m kinda like a kid in a candy store with Endless DLC. Loved how expansions gave you more to do in winter, or opened up the seas, or introduced the giant Guardians. The lore of the different factions and the world in general really drives my interest and playstyles so more of it tends towards the positive for me.

Started the game up for the first time in a good while, and immediately remembered why it didn’t take for me:


(Yes, Big UI in the settings is my friend.)

Community Patch has experimental UI scaling. But it’s not yet updated for the new patch.

The ummodded game Does have UI scaling now, and its working well for me.
I just encountered my first Urkan. It has many more hip points than any of my units it didn’t have many helpers. Now that I’ve got it I see I don’t have the resources it wants for training but I have what its brother wants, So I’m debating whether to spend time marching across the map to get another one or just use this one to attack my nearest neighbor. In line right now it’s turn 70 and I only have two heroes, The one that I started with and one that I bought to be a governor. roughly When should I acquire a second military hero?

Like many things in a complicated 4X, “it depends”.

I usually prioritise getting a second hero. That means probably in the first 50 turns, depending. They’re usually serving as governors for me though.

Possibly the same reason!?

Nice. Thanks for the info!

Where do you see UI scaling? I only see “big UI” option that was always there. Without it UI is too small even for 1080p screen and it’s not enough for 4k screen

im using bigUI and on my 2560x1600 it scales enough for me

i probably should make a dust-centered city to boost my cash flow,
its mostly gone to upgrading my troops

I used bigUI to poke around at this a bit last night, and it’s certainly better than the default UI on a 2560x1440 monitor…but it still feels pretty small.

I can imagine that scale-able UI is a programming hurdle, for sure. But it sure seems weird to see it present itself in a game of this recent-ish vintage.

It’s been awhile since I’ve played EL but I do remember a couple years ago it was the only strategy game reasonably playable on a TV/PC setup as all other strategy game UI were way too small, and EL had that big UI scaler. I think very slowly other strategy games have improved their big screen UI though.

It’s gettin’ up there. Going to be turning 10 before we know it! :)

Yep, but I can remember doing closed beta stuff with Tilted Mill back in the aughts and testing UI scaling on those games back when, and well before Endless Legend, which isn’t yet 7 years old.