Endless Space 2


Nice videos. I only watched most of Part 1, but hope to get to the others later. Great job explaining the game.


I’m enjoying it so far.

As usual, though I want more hotkeys! Is there a hotkey for “select next ship” or “select next system”, for example? A hotkey for “select home system”? And I’d really like a hotkey for “left mouseclick” and “right mouseclick.” I can get that with Autohotkeys, but in full-screen mode, ES2 doesn’t always recognize autohotkey key presses, and switching to windowed full screen messes up my screen resolution. Maybe I’ll try mousekeys.

I know most people don’t care, but I need to minimize moving and clicking the mouse to preserve my aging hands. For whatever reason, key-presses bother me a lot less than mouse move/clicking.


There is a new patch. Patch notes here:


Has anyone found explanations of what the different planet characteristics affect?

I’d guess the main purpose of type (terran, ocean, etc) is to determine if it is colonizable.
It seems like climate adjusts what resources are produced, because hot says it is better for industry.
Biodiversity seems to reflect how plentiful food and dust are. As food goes up, dust goes down.

Is this explained anywhere?


If you hover over the planet(I think) in the system management screen, there is a panel that tells you the effects of the planet type. There are also improvements that give bonuses depending on different aspects of the planet type.

And yes, it seems that the base planet stats are determined by the type.


Those notes appear to be everything they’ve ever done since beta, not just the latest patch. I’m basing that on some of the comments and the fact that my saves still work despite what it says in the notes.


Thanks @abrandt.

The political system is hard to wrap my head around. It’s hard to judge the ramifications of doing certain actions.


Bugs bugs bus. I don’t think the science victory functions correctly, and one of the Sophon faction quests appears broken.

Also, what the hell do I do with all these resources? I have tons and tons of strategic resources, and most luxury resources are useless - you can pick one or two to use as System Improvements, but that leaves the vast majority as irrelevant. What to do with them?


Sell them on the market place or use them to attract minor faction population.


That seems like a step back when compared to Endless Legend luxuries.


[quote=“Fifth_Fret, post:303, topic:77211, full:true”]Also, what the hell do I do with all these resources? I have tons and tons of strategic resources, and most luxury resources are useless - you can pick one or two to use as System Improvements, but that leaves the vast majority as irrelevant. What to do with them?

Luxuries are used to upgrade your systems. They’re also useful for diplomacy. And, as was mentioned, selling them is a significant source of income. You’ll see from the marketplace activity that the AI is certainly taking advantage of that option.


EDIT: I’m livestreaming this now!


You might already know this, but the Cravers take a huge production drop in all areas as their planets deplete. So if you can hold them off for a while, they’ll get weaker over time.

Also, if you take their planets, you’ll notice a “depleted” modifier. Don’t be alarmed! That just means they stopped getting their resource bonus. The planet is its normal self for you.



I believe the difficulty levels are based on what resource bonus the enemy gets, with normal being no bonus. So it’s up to you. Also, you can skip a battle and just click past it like any other alert screen. The space pr0n is entirely informational and cosmetic.



w00t for that, anyway :)


That stream was great especially since it provided a good example of the strategic game.


Amen. As you can see from the rebinding screen, there are precious few hotkeys. Why can’t it be more like GalCiv 3, where you can tab through pretty much everything?

What do you mean “characteristics”? Each bar for a resource represents 1 to 3 points of base production (you won’t know the actual base production of a planet until you colonize it). Generally hot planets are good for industry, cold planets are good for science, fertile planets (fish icon) are good for food, sterile planets (fishbones icon) are good for dust. Size determines maximum population, which can be raised by leveling up the planet with the options that unlock at rings 3, 4, and 5 of the economy and trade tech. Any anomalies, strategic resources, or luxury resources are tooltipped.

Everything is tooltipped. Different types of populations are affected with different strengths by different actions. It’s mostly intuitive, but the tooltips on the population details, for instance, explain exactly what actions boost which faction’s standing. Which is indicated on the system screen under “system representation”. Furthermore, lots of actions tell you what faction they’ll boost. For instance, every tech indicates which faction it boosts.



By characteristics I meant the different attributes of a planet: Type, Climate, Size, Biodiversity.

I didn’t know if each part of the FIDSI of a planet was based on the combination of type, climate and biodiversity - or if biodiversity was the sole driver of the food output, industry by climate, etc… It looks like each planet type may have some type of norm that gets modified by climate and biodiversity.

I think I get the basics of the political system. Like building military ships increases support for the militant party. How does that translate into system representatives, and what does that affect? I know that the parties in the senate affect what laws are available. How does the makeup of parties in the senate affect the happiness of individual systems? I’m pretty sure that if for some reason a particular system was heavy on science, but the senate didn’t have much science representation, that system would probably be less happy. I just didn’t find the explanations that clear.


I didn’t even know it was possible for someone’s Steam friend list to be full D:


I’m pretty absorbed in this game! I’m playing as the marvelous Riftborn faction. I won’t spoil anything, but there was one cool bit of flavor text early on that really scratched my sci-fi itch. :)

One question: do support modules like Hyperium Engines stack? I know the movement speed stacks, but does the 10% evasion bonus stack too? I’m guessing yes, but I don’t see the evasion bonus reflected in the ship stats, so I’m not sure.


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