Endless Space 2


Each ship has a set number of crew that is subtracted from your manpower so if you are making lots of ships you would expect it to go down, especially if they have those extra manpower components. Your manpower increases as a defined percentage of your food production, around 10%, so if you increase your food production your manpower production should increase by 10% or whatever the current rate is for your empire. Things like patriot pills increase that percentage I believe. If you need manpower desperately you can do the chain gang project which turns a pop point into 300 manpower.


OK thanks that helps a lot. Starting to understand more of this. So for some ships it shows I have 100 of 500 manpower. The small ships. But I don’t see a way to increase it from that 100 to get to 500. I’d like to try and invasion.

Also, is there fortify/guard command for ships? So if I want to park one somewhere I don’t have to keep skipping it’s turn?


Increasing a ship design’s manpower can be done with modules. You’ll need to research the modules from the Military tech tree to make them available. Then, edit your ship design, and include the module on your ship. Update old ships or build the new and you will have a ship capable of holding more men.

If you are having Manpower issues for your Empire, it may take a while to load the extra men on your ship. The UI should tell you what % of Manpower will get added each turn to your ship.

There is a shield button for fleets that tells them to defend that system. The ZZZ will just tell them to hang out at that system until an enemy fleet comes into scanner range.


Maybe it’s because I’m still playing out the beginner tutorial thing, but I don’t have either of those buttons for any of my fleets.


May be, I am not sure how the Tutorial plays out.


Yep that was it. Weird that they’d remove stuff like that when playing beginner tutorial.


That is disappointing, and one of the reasons I sometimes avoid tutorials. Then again, there is a lot to learn in this game, and not playing the tutorials would hurt as well.


There’s supposed to be a module for a ship that does manpower damage per turn, I think when sieging, but I can’t find it in the tech wheel. Anyone know what it’s called? Thanks!


Titanium Slugs. It’s in the military part of the tech tree, with a blue wheel icon with spokes.

It reduces the manpower of a planet while siegeing. It’s quite important for capturing well defended planets without throwing away vast quantities of manpower and time!


The search function on the tech tree screen is actually pretty useful for finding stuff like that!



That’s a good module, too.


One thing to remember is that you can always build ships no matter your manpower, so if you get into a deficit all your manpower will be diverted into filling the ships you already have, which may take several turns until positive.

There are some techs in the second tier on the left hand side that slow you to build manpower production. Build those asap if you need manpower. The Vodyani especially tend to need those as their natural rate of manpower production tends to be slow.

Also convert a pop into manpower in a full system. That tends to maximize growth (if you’re not shipping them around to empty systems already). This is more Perfect Play min-max than a necessary strategy though.


Yup, and the Riftborn can and should manually generate manpower as necessary, too.


I already did that :p I’ve tried all the relevant search terms I listed, but none of the highlighted techs sound like what I’m looking for. When I type in “soldier damage”, “manpower damage”, “siege”, I get no results. So my Endless Space in-game Google-fu sucks. Help :)


Fifth Fret answered you. Titanium slugs.


OMG I’m blind! I totally missed his post. Sorry all!
* smacks forehead in embarrassment *

Ok another thing I can’t find a tooltip for. The Green Fertility Bill has a “+5% per Anomoly on Cononized Planet on Systems”. The symbol it references is a multicolored square thingie. What is that?



I’m not sure, it may also be FIDSI, which includes Influence.

So, it looks like that would give a bonus to everything for each Anomaly. Sounds like a great Bill.


Woooo, I bet that’s it. I was also wondering if it was some of the classes or races because some colors relate to them (yellow = Industrialists etc). They really need tool-tips for things like that. I’m going to enact that bill now. Thanks!


Thanks for all the help. Now that I fully understand the game, I’m finding it a bit too easy on normal difficulty so will be bumping it up. The whole market thing is pretty very cool to have in the game.

Everyone reading - what is your favorite map type in the game, and also the size you prefer? And pirate strength?


I usually go with Random Map, and whatever size handles all the species. I think I currently have the Pirate Strength at default, because the AI was previously having trouble handling the pirates even on higher difficulties. I’ve heard that has been resolved, but I don’t know if that means Normal Pirates or Stronger.

I know the AI likes to Mark my systems so that the Pirates attack. Unfortunately, that mostly just means I get some more fleet experience. I will bump up their strength on my next game.