Endless Space 2

Not just hacking and stealth for ships: the new faction is confined to a single system that appears empty to the world. They spread their influence out from there. It sounds very unique.

Space ghosts!

For some reason when I read “faction”, I was thinking it was one of those new minor factions that exist.

Steam has a free weekend starting now and the game and bundle is currently 66% off. I’m definitely going to give the free weekend a try (although honestly, it couldn’t have happened at the worst possible time for me).

A new minor faction (Basryxo) has been discovered in Amplitude’s new Play-To-Win promo. Get out there and discover systems to keep the unlocks (added to the game next month) coming!

I love when they do these promos, because they add a lot of free content to their games.

I think this is a better expansion than Supremacy. But it is nowhere near the peak of something like Shifters was for Endless Legend.

The new race is fine, albeit a bit dull. It’s cool and thematic, but not very strong, and replaces colony build queues with hacking mechanics.

The new hacking mechanic is opaque, fiddly and gets a bit dull, but is quite thematic and has some interesting moments.

I won’t disable it, which is what I did for Supremacy. But I do not think it particularly improves the game as a whole.

A new expansion is coming.

This faction will be a complete departure for Amplitude and the 4X genre. Rather than leading a vigorous young civilization reaching out toward the stars, the player will be fighting to restore an ancient, declining faction; this people is dreaming of their past glory and striving to recapture it. They will start out much stronger than other empires, but will have to struggle to stay ahead — or even keep up. Like Rome after the fall, they are full of potential but are held back by the weight of their own culture.

Man, Amplitude are best in class for faction/race lore and conceptual design.

Sounds like Sorceror King but you’re the SK.

April Fools thing that is an actual dating sim / visual novel for Horatio.

It is free, so someone try it. :p

Horatio is the most beautiful and perfect being in the universe, so it makes sense.

Um, you bet I’m trying this.

Endless Space 2 will be free to play/try this weekend on Steam.

There is a new expansion coming September 12: Awakening.

I’m game, as always.

“Typically, what ES2 factions have in common is that they start the game focused on growth and expansion,” Amplitude explain. “As the Nakalim, however, you will begin as an extremely technologically advanced society that has recently been awakened from a dormant state. Your mission will not be to expand, but rather to seek ancient relics and reconquer lost lands, and to maintain your lead all the while staving off decline.”

Love it.

Sounds awesome. Just hope they actually improved the AI and the AI can play it properly. They have these fantastic systems for each race, but the AI is always lagging.

I haven’t looked for ES2 yet but I wonder if there is a mod that might help.

I just found out about Endless Legend Community Patch which is supposed to overhaul several systems and provide a marked improvement of the AI.

Interesting. I was pretty excited that Amplitude released AI modding tools for ES2, but for a while it seemed like the community just never achieved critical mass to overhaul something as complex as AI or other systems. I’ll have to look for that community patch if I ever re-install the game again.

ELCP goes further than normal (steam workshop-)mods by modifying files that are usually referred to as “hardcoded”. By doing this I have a deeper access to the games code and can therefore change stuff that is inaccessible otherwise. This allows me to make improvements to the game like fixing bugs, modifying the UI and (my personal favorite) improving the AI.

However due to the “invasive” nature of this patch, you have to download and install it manually like in the good olden days.

Haven’t yet tried it myself, but plan to.

Please let us know how it goes. If it’s all positive I’ll get it too.