Endzone : AWP (No football, lots of drought and radiation.)

Counting down the days til full release (new stuff coming on release day). This game is fantastic.

Isn’t today the full release?

April 2.

Whoa wait, that was when they released early access last year. You’re right! I can play today! Yea!!

Today is the day!

Only 16 €, 35% launch discount. What could possibly go wrong! I’m in (and even if it is just for the discount right now).

Dang, that is a great price. If I hadn’t purchased it before I would do it now!

So is 1.0 any good?.. not that i need another game, but hey it’s great when one really releases.

Yes, and honestly they could easily charge double the price. I think they’re undervaluing themselves.

Yep real good, I hope to get time with 1.0 this weekend.

The tutorial is not good, and it’s extremely long. It is literally “Build X and assign workers”, then fast forward time. Repeat for every building in the game. I got sick of it after an hour and half I just wanted to finish it, but ran out of wood and metal and quit.

Not sure I would recommend the tutorial. It does teach some concepts, but I think anyone who has played a builder could safely skip it.

Agreed, but i stuck in there and the tutorial on expeditions and research were a great help. Too bad they are the last things they cover in the tutorial.

I love the game so far.

The last time I played, the tutorial seemed like it was 4 hours long. :)

Now that version 1 has been out for a few months whats the overall opinion. Definitely not much chatter here at QT3 :)

I just haven’t had time to return to this, but I do have it installed!

I see they have a DLC planned for the fall. I enjoyed the base game enough back when I created the thread for it. And there are 10 scenarios to play now.

Expansion/addon looks like it will be pretty great. Lots of QoL improvements. Releases on Oct 21st.

I’m really looking forward to playing this when I get out. Fleshes out so much more of the game.

Love this game. They did such a good job.

Locked up or kidnapped? ;)

Hospital with covid (Tom made a post in EE). So I’d say yes, I was kidnapped by a virus :)

Sorry didn’t see that post. Wishing you all the best and a quick and safe return to gaming.

28% off at GMG.