Enemy Engaged 3 Nears Release

Strategy First will distribute it in North America… G2 in Europe.

The MSRP in NA is 19.99

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If its only a graphical overhaul (does look pretty) then I’ll probably hold off. EECH (the second title in the series) has developed nicely since the release of the source code. Sound and visual overhauls. Better flight modeling. Functioning cockpits and a load of rivet counting ramp starting fun…

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Are you saying you don’t think it will be as good as the user contributions from the past few years? I didn’t even know there was a vibrant mod community for this. Though if its like Falcon 4 Allied Force, this would be a good buy.

I’m confused, is EE3 a typo? This is a link to a non existant EE2.

Its a refresh of EECH (Enemy Engaged Comanche Hokum) that they’re calling EECH2. It would be the third retail release in the Enemy Engaged series.

Its the smallest of the fan dev groups. You could find ten times as many people working on mods for the latest Thirdwire release. Still a great deal of productivity especially in the last year. Tons of new theatres with fresh textures and overhauls of the old ones. Avionics are increasingly accurate (although I’m not sure thats a great thing… at least its just an option). Missile trajectories got an overhaul so Hellfires aren’t the sim equivalent of a magic missile. Lots of fixes in general.

Really don’t know much about EECH2. They’ve given it a new rendering engine and retextured the existing models. The campaign list has been shortened but thats not necessarily a bad thing. For twenty dollars its worth a shot.

I think it is, but as IL pointed out, this is technically the third in the series (Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs. Hokum was the second).

Sorry, I’m still confused. Is this a mod for EECH that is being sold at retail? Or is it a complete reworking of the engine, code, etc, that is being packaged as a sequel?

Its being developed by Gameyus and their Serbian satellite studio. I think its been in the pipe for 18 months or so. So its no mod. The one thing I hope they looked into is the net code. Thats still a problem with the community releases.