Enemy on Board - 4v2 Werewolf/Mafia style game

Been having a blast streaming with this all day. Controls are a bit fiddly for me personally, but the gameplay is pretty crisp and easy to digest and rounds are rather quick so it’s not too bad.
Steam Link

I have a pretty awful PC and it runs fine while streaming so it seems pretty generous there.

I’ll have to watch streams of this to see how it plays. I really loved the idea (and first several hours) of Throne of Lies, but I thought all the frenzied note taking and rush to exchange private messages with everybody during turns was tiresome. But I loved the concept. If this game has a way to refine and streamline a bunch of that I’m sold.

Do you put your Twitch videos on Youtube?

I don’t typically, but it keeps the VODs up for awhile.

My most recent stream of it. first game there is what happens when people kind of know what they are doing and are all good sports about it. Sadly sometimes new players either don’t understand what is happening or people are people.

edit: I’ll be doing some streaming of it today as well if you wanted to see it live or had more questions.