Enemy Starfighter - Space Combat Roguelike

This seems like it could potentially be super awesome.

Yeah, we need more space combat sims with dynamic campaigns. I can only thing of a couple that had 'em, sadly.

Cool. Reminds me a bit of that retro-y Martian flight sim someone here made a while back.

We haven’t mentioned this for a while, but it’s going to be at PAX in a couple weeks and the release date is still suggested as 2013.

Of course, when someone mentions a game with Wing Commander combat, Homeworld looks and a Rainbow Six-style planning level, “2013” isn’t soon enough.

The PAX trailer can be seen on their site.

IndieDB page.

The in-cockpit scenes make it look very much like it’s going to work with TrackIR.

That very very Homeworld-inspired! (in looks, if not in gameplay).

Kinda looks like those old 80s sci-fi movies posters with space ships.

I’m not quite sure what to make of that mashup, but seeing that Homeworld-esque command screen definitely makes me yearn for the day when someone releases a new Homeworld-alike space strategy game.

The idea of Rainbow six planning and Homeworld makes me think of a we-go TBS. That would be great. …uh… I guess I just described Flotilla? …I still need to play that game.

Anyway, if they can insert your cockpit into these battles but still maintain an interesting tactical emphasis (I’m thinking Battlezone), then that could also be amazing.

Oculus Rift support

So I’ve been playing a pre-alpha version of the game, as we had the dev on our podcast this week, and HOLY SHIT it’s fun and gorgeous, even at this early stage.

It totally moved up to the top of my most wanted games list.

Hey guys, hope you don’t mind me pimping a bit, but we had an interview with the game’s developer on this week’s podcast, and it was really fun. :)

I will accept pimping, in return for an alpha key.

But it is not mine to give, good sir. ;)

Too bad. I listened to an informative interview about a game I only just discovered I want very much, and now I demand recompense! :P

If Brian Rubin wants it, I wants it!


The last blog entry

What’s Shaking?

It’s been a busy few months and too long since I’ve updated the dev blog, so here’s what is happening in the world of Enemy Starfighter.

Solar systems are now "real" and not simply skyboxes as they were before
    Landmarks such as planets, moons, belts, and nebulae are generated outward from the star based on a simple set of rules
You can warp the Harbinger Fleet to any known landmark in the solar system (ANIMATED)
...but the same applies to enemy fleets, some of which respond to your last known location or destination
Factions have been implemented, and each faction has its own set of traits that are applied to the unit
    Traits modify unit stats or enable alternate weapons, making every weapon or ship I create stretch further
    Some factions are always present in a solar system, such as Lane Marshals that run overwatch on jump nodes
    Others factions are determined during solar system generation
Lots of bug fixing and polish on other systems
After a lot of iteration and pain, the game's overall direction has been focused even further

Grand Theft Starfighter

Battle-planning has been replaced with hunting and hiding. Before, each battle was fed to you via a simple mission generator and menu. It wasn’t dynamic, lacked tangible persistence, and it certainly didn’t fulfill the fantasy of being a starfighter harassing the enemy deep in their territory. I can go into this in detail if people want, but I won’t bore you with that here.

Now, when you enter a system you are told what flagship to destroy and are given free rein to hunt and deal with it as you see fit. Do you build up your forces and take out the flagship head on? Do you misdirect their escorts to a bogus landmark and then jump the vulnerable capital with a small group of beam frigates, knowing full well that you will lose them?

Once combat begins, gameplay is structured very much like a police chase with your fleet at the center of it. If you’ve ever played GTA or if you’ve ever done small-scale skirmishes in a game like EVE, you should have an idea of what to expect. In fact, a lot of what makes this game tick comes from countless hours I’ve spent running around in EVE’s Syndicate region in an interceptor.

Ah, thanks for the update. Thats one of those games I’m looking forward to, but it falls off my radar pretty easily because it doesn’t get a bunch of mainstream coverage.

New trailer out.

I am so turned on right now. Out of all the space games I want, this one is seriously at the top of the list. Even the alpha I played ages ago was just soooo fun.

The art style really adds to my anticipation. I know it isn’t the “best looking” as far as detail, but I think what they’re doing looks sharp and makes it easy to visually understand whats going on. Some recent games I’ve played look great in the detail department, but when the bullets start flying (and a bajillion colors come onto the screen) I have trouble figuring out what is going on.

Brian, how were the controls in the alpha? Any space sim games you’d compare it to?