Enemy Territory: the best PlanetSide ever

I love the skill system.

I didn’t think any game could get me to put Battlefield 1942 down, but… what do you know, this one did. And it has just 6 maps!

It’s a cool idea IF you play on a server that runs the campaign. Then you actually get to advance. In normal one map at a time play, it doesn’t do much.

You’re right.

Fortunately, 98% of servers run campaigns.

Yeah, no kidding. Where are you playing that doesn’t run the campaigns? Now that I’m back from vacation, I expect this game will rule me again like it did before I left.

RtCW: Enemy Territory anecdote…

I hopped on butter over a week ago and got into a two on two match. One of the players was named Brian Koontz! Being the trusting guy I am, I thought I was playing with ol’ BK himself. We put on a spirited charge after getting mauled on the second desert map. We mined the approach to one of the radars and won the day after a hard fought match. I noted to Mr. BK that I was Dave Long and that I’d see him on Qt3.

I get offline and see that Cathcart’s still poking around online at 1:30 or so in the morning.

Dave: “Hey man, I played Enemy Territory with Brian Koontz! We won the last map. He’s a pretty good player!”

Mike: “Yeah? Wow!”

Dave: “I never thought he’d play something like Enemy Territory and it was pretty cool being on the same team with him.”

Mike: “Were you playing against guys named xxxx and xxxx?”

Dave: “…”

Dave: “You sonofabitch!”

shakes fist in air I’ll get you for that one Cathcart!


I played ET and it is not only no Planetside it is also not even BF1942. I would even go so far as to say you get what you pay for. It is nice they released it for free but man it was painful to play and there are a number of games that do what it does better. I prefer CS for close in fighting, BF1942 for a WW2 game, and PS for a giant “Holy crap did you see how many enemies are coming?” skill system based game.

Speaking of Planetside after having bashed it in beta I was tempted to still pick it up because of the stories going around here about the huge battles I never experienced in beta. So I took the flyer on it and I am impressed. I can safely say you will never experience anything like the big battles in PS in any other game. I have seen numerous battles with so many players that it was difficult to keep track of how many there were on both sides. And to top it off pretty much lag free. I was skeptical that they would be able to pull that kind of performance off but they definitely proved me wrong.

I would have to say I have done a complete 360 on Planetside.

– Xaroc

You turned completely around and hate it again?

You turned completely around and hate it again?[/quote]
Maybe he’s thinking in radians, in which case he would have turned around some 57 times and ended up pointing off at a bit of an angle.

You turned completely around and hate it again?[/quote]

Gotta keep up on the inside jokes:


– Xaroc

You guys just wait until I unveil my 720.

So when does Tony Hawk’s QT3 get released?