Enter the Game Music Thunderdome


Rayman and Dustforce advance.

Today we have nominations from @playingwithknives, @CLWheeljack, @craigm, and @soondifferent.

Match 15:

  • Monty on the Run
  • Mega Man 2

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Match 16:

  • Bastion
  • Mass Effect 2

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Metal Man vs. Monty Mole, nice! The Mega Man tune has grown on me a lot but Monty’s got to keep running.

A bit like the Baldur’s Gate track, Grunt just did so little for me and up against Bastion’s Setting Sail, Coming Home it didn’t really stand a chance.


Oh, I think the ones I vote for this time might actually go through!

Pitching Metal Man against Monty is just cruel though.


Monty and Bastion advance.

Match 17:

  • The Last of Us
  • Diablo II

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Match 18:

  • Last Express
  • Skyrim

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I enjoyed Tristram a lot more this time and nearly voted for it but The Last of Us theme carries a lot of emotional weight that I can’t squirm free of! I never played Diablo but that’s a wonderfully textural and dark piece that fits what I’m guessing is a picture of the place.

I also enjoyed The Last Express end credits more this time too, but… it’s up against the Skyrim theme which would have been one of my submissions had it not been taken already!


It suddenly occurred to me no one nominated anything from Outlaws…


Some of these outcomes have made me too sad (a bit of hyperbole).


Dying time’s here!


That was appropriate :-)


That scene is brilliant. The camera work. The music… so good.


It really is!


The horns near the end of Song of the Dragonborn send a shiver up my spine every time. Music to stir the blood.


There is way, way too much great game music to fit in a single Thunderdome.


I still love the Dovahkiin section even though I’ve probably heard it a million times now.


Heartbroken that Mass Effect 2 didn’t make it further (sorry Jack Wall, probably should have nominated End Run instead) but at least it lost to Bastion, which is one of my favorite finds from the Thunderdome. Never played Bastion (shame!) but I was considering one of the Transistor songs as one of my four picks.


You and me both on Transistor. That said Bastion is brilliant, you really should play it. Some of the best audio work in any game ever, large or small.


Same here, I don’t even really want another Elder Scrolls game , just the next soundtrack. :p


I do. I like what those guys make specifically in the Elder Scrolls universe and I think it’s a shame they haven’t followed up Skyrim yet. I’m sure they love the long legs it’s had at retail but I don’t think that would stop with another game in the series. Maybe it’s because they’re not sure what setting to use next? How do you top the Dragons, maybe?

Fallout just doesn’t interest me the way the setting of the Elder Scrolls does.


I always want more Elder Scrolls single player CRPGs.


Diablo II and Skyrim advance.

Match 19:

  • Baldur’s Gate II

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Match 20:

  • Legend of Grimrock
  • Before the Storm

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