Enter the Game Music Thunderdome



The first time I listened to Monty I cringed at the blaring C64 noise notes. It progressed from acceptable game track at 0:40, to neat faux guitar rock song at around 3:00, then the crazy finish at around 5:00 – nope, the real flourish starts at 5:30. I even liked the descent back to the more primitive sounds at the end.

The other chiptunes in the dome were fine, but Monty is the only one that’s been added to my work rotation.


The only tune left in the running that might be better is Baba Yetu, IMO. And I say that fully believing Monty is far from the best thing Rob Hubbard ever did. Hubbard is that good.


This was the toughest choice for me so far – Red Alert was my “what was your first game purchase” thread pick, and Hell March is an indelible part of teenage LAN parties, but Monty is just so fun and varied. I’m just glad that my vote wasn’t the deciding one.

Brigador and Monty advance.

Match 59:

  • Skyrim
  • Super Mario Galaxy

0 voters

Match 60:

  • Crypt of the Necrodancer
  • Civilization IV

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I’m voting against Baba Yetu from here on out. Take that!


Hell March nooooooo

I now hitch my emotional cart to Brigador from here on out, and swear Monty as my truest foe!


Fie! Monty is my new champion, since the interloper Hell March vanquished my precious Katamari!


So it has come to this: ROLAND sound devices at dawn, you curr!


I would take Katamari over either, but am glad @ArmandoPenblade had joined me on the Monty Delenda EST trip.

My new beau is Mario though.


I’m so mad at all of you who voted against Interstate '76. You all need to get out of the car.


I got shotgun!

And since it’s not a very crowded car this should be fine


Just like Armando to bring a MIDI chip to a SID fight.


It stung to pull that lever.


I’ve made it this far in the competition without googling what the difference is and I don’t intend to stop now, dammit!


The forces of hell can’t beat the mole man, man!


Never get outta the car, man.


I’m undecided, but I think I’m voting against Skyrim for the first time. Mario is a much more immediate and game-like theme, and Skyrim seems positively overwrought in comparison, although the last minute is epic. Still, it could be because I have a rare headache and throaty male voices isn’t doing it for me. However, Skyrim may be in with a better chance against the inevitable outcome of the following match…

Well played Necrodancer, you came the closest yet to besting Baba Yetu, but sadly it was not enough.


I’m so excited at the prospect of plucky Monty mole going up against the Dragonborn or the history of human civilisation. My girlfriend just asked ‘What if Monty wins?’ ‘The forum goes up in flames.’

BFG Division lost out to Phendrana Drifts, and Luchador to Monty on the Run. Gusty Garden and Disco Descent, the alliterative tag team buddies, are hanging in there against the two heaviest of weights but this is looking like the last round for my last two selections and I’m not even mad. Such great music!

I adore the Skyrim theme, particularly the climactic Nerevar reprise, but the triumphant joy of Gusty Garden Galaxy – and crucially how that is sustained for its duration – is magnificent.

I could go either way with Disco Descent and Baba Yetu, they’re such wildly different tracks, but I fell on the side of Necrodancer because in these later rounds, when we’re down to brass tacks, I prefer the Soweto Gospel Choir’s vocals to the in-game version. Crypt of the Necrodancer makes no such ‘missteps’ and besides, it was never going to win! :-)


The way the voting has evolved is fascinating. We started out like “I like this song better than the other one,” and now we’re like “That song beat the other one, so I’m voting against it forever” and also “My song lost, so my friends are now dead to me.” But, like, lovingly.


I am soulless husk of a man after seeing Journey fall to Starcraft. I mean, I was before, too, but it was still super sad to see it happen.