Enter the Game Music Thunderdome


I’m so excited at the prospect of plucky Monty mole going up against the Dragonborn or the history of human civilisation. My girlfriend just asked ‘What if Monty wins?’ ‘The forum goes up in flames.’

BFG Division lost out to Phendrana Drifts, and Luchador to Monty on the Run. Gusty Garden and Disco Descent, the alliterative tag team buddies, are hanging in there against the two heaviest of weights but this is looking like the last round for my last two selections and I’m not even mad. Such great music!

I adore the Skyrim theme, particularly the climactic Nerevar reprise, but the triumphant joy of Gusty Garden Galaxy – and crucially how that is sustained for its duration – is magnificent.

I could go either way with Disco Descent and Baba Yetu, they’re such wildly different tracks, but I fell on the side of Necrodancer because in these later rounds, when we’re down to brass tacks, I prefer the Soweto Gospel Choir’s vocals to the in-game version. Crypt of the Necrodancer makes no such ‘missteps’ and besides, it was never going to win! :-)


The way the voting has evolved is fascinating. We started out like “I like this song better than the other one,” and now we’re like “That song beat the other one, so I’m voting against it forever” and also “My song lost, so my friends are now dead to me.” But, like, lovingly.


I am soulless husk of a man after seeing Journey fall to Starcraft. I mean, I was before, too, but it was still super sad to see it happen.


Life is bereft of meaning and all is pain.

Oh sorry I’m not talking about music I just woke up


Skyrim vs. Gusty Garden Galaxy is such a tough choice. In the end, the last minute and three seconds of Skyrim put it over the top for me, especially as I’ve mentioned before, the horns near the very end.

But I could still listen to the Mario piece for an hour straight.



For a moment there I thought Gusty had it.


Sorry. I actually play horn. We live for bits like that. If your music stand doesn’t start vibrating across the floor, you’re not being “majestic” enough.


I liked the necrodancer track enough that I brought the game over the weekend. It’s pretty good. Apparently I was banging on the keyboard loud enough (in an effort to keep beat) that I woke the house up (couldn’t tell because I was wearing headphones.)


Good luck, it’s such a difficult game!


While I was aware of Necromancer prior to this tournament, I was mostly aware of it as a concept, I hadn’t played it or heard the soundtrack. Since the tournament entry, it’s been in my regular workday music rotation. It’s an absolutely fantastic soundtrack top to bottom.

I guess I should try to play it someday.


Same. You missed a sale just this weekend though (80% off) I imagine that as an older indie it’ll go back on sale frequently.


Skyrim and Civilization IV advance.

Only three matches remain! The final match will feature overtly electronic synthesizer wizardry in one corner and bombastic orchestral chanting in the other, but which one of each will it be?

Match 61:

  • Brigador
  • Monty

0 voters

Match 62:

  • Civilization IV
  • Skyrim

0 voters


Civ 4 vs Skyrim? How does one choose? HOW!?!!?



Oh geezus, hardest round yet.


Sod it, I hate sharing Giphy links.

I’m going to be flipping the Skyrim and Civ vote a lot, I can feel it.


Literally the hardest vote, yet. I could see this one going either way, with good reason for whichever one wins.


I’m down to counting the goosebumps during each track. It’s still close.


Geeeeeus fuck. This is gonna be a nail-biter.


Ack, Monty is going to lose to Brigador? I like Brigador, but Bastion and Hell March are both better songs IMO.


It’s a crazy world in the Thunderdome playoffs.

Any given … Thunday?