Enter the Game Music Thunderdome


Necrodancer and Deus Ex

It is almost impossibly 80s. Which I also mean in a good way, but it’s amazing they crammed so much 80s into one song with that tech.

Mass Effect was fine, but I think I used up my ambient space-music vote on No Man’s Sky a couple days ago.


Into … the wonderful …

(and now all three of you are singing that in your head)


Crypt of the Necrodancer and GODS.

That GODS track is so frickin’ good. I would’ve listened to that over and over again. I’ll have to see if I can track down a Genesis copy of that game now!


It’s actually not that good, at least not on the Amiga. The best thing about it is that tune, the cover artwork and graphics/animation – it’s very much style over substance, and rock solid too!


Oh wow, this might explain a lot:

The Amiga version features multi-layered copy protection. The main part was cracked quickly, and produced what appeared to be a playable game. However, a second layer remained, which raised the difficulty level quickly, to the point where the first boss was impossible to beat. Unfortunately for the Bitmap Brothers, this hard work seemed to backfire, as many assumed that the cracked version they played was representative of the game’s difficulty, and the game’s reputation was hampered as a result.


Crypt of the Necrodancer and Mass Effect.


Group T: Gods, Deus Ex


Bitmap Brothers baby. Gameplay was sometimes better or worse, but the graphics never let you down.




Mass Effect 1 - "Vigil"
Crypt of the Necrodancer - "Disco Descent"

for me, though Deux Ex was a close third.


Yeah, I recall reviews being marginal. The Genesis version might be totally different too for all I know? I’ll do some research. :)

…yep… Genesis has a completely different soundtrack. Looks like it plays better, though. Super Nintendo has a version of that track! Also looks like it plays better. Both of them seem hard as nails, though.


Now I’m intrigued! Will take a look, and listen.


I can’t suggest you enough to play at least the first 2 games in the series. The second game, in particular, got an absolutely amazing soundtrack, one of the best for any game, and that alone justifies playing it.
Not getting any OTC nor ME2 tracks in was the painful tradeoff of advocating bleepblops here :(


never apologize


I believe someone may have kidnapped Thraeg for his awesome game music resources. I shall console myself by putting on the Deus Ex OST again.


Group U

Featuring nominations from @Profanicus, @CLWheeljack, and @lordkosc (x2).


Man, going in a bracket with ‘Still Alive’ is a tough roll of the seeding dice.


Xenobalde and Zelda


Running behind today. But I vote for Disco Vigil

Group T Results:

Crypt of the NecroDancer: 16
Mass Effect:13
Deus Ex: 7
Gods: 6



Zelda and Portal.