Enter the Game Music Thunderdome


Nice work! Do you have that in a convenient list format somewhere that I could use to generate the bracket?

Also, nice that we are nearly to 128. Hopefully a few more entries will trickle in to get there.


As much as I love it, it doesn’t belong in there (100-127):


Since I only submitted 1 earlier and the Xenoblade games are woefully under represented here, despite having great OSTs…

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST - Alba Cavanich (Day) (Yasunori Mitsuda)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST - Alba Cavanich (Night) (Yasunori Mitsuda)

Xenoblade Chronicles X OST - Cave Theme (Hiroyuki Sawano)

Xenoblade Chronicles X OST - CODENAMEZ (Hiroyuki Sawano)


Thanks for doing that, a great playlist for work!

But 43, 44 and 45 were my “Honorable mentions” inclusions, shouldn’t be up for consideration. I’m going to delete them from my post to avoid any future confusion.


Oh yeah, sorry, I didn’t even try to parse out actual entries vs. general direction. I just wanted some background playlists while I was at work

It would be fairly easy to dump all those to a Google doc and then we could remove from there. I can run it again around the deadline, since it looks like people might still be submitting.


that was an awesome idea by the way. although I have yet to go through 1/10 of the playlists!


Nobody asked for more time, so let’s go ahead and start tomorrow. Last call for entries!

@CLWheeljack please go ahead and dump to Google doc at your convenience. Don’t worry about stragglers; I can deal with them manually. Thanks!

Looks like the bracket will be 128. I’ll randomly exclude 4th picks or randomly include honorable mentions depending on whether we wind up slightly over or under.


Yep, my second choice, but I love the back-up singing ducks in the main theme.


Is it too late to make one tweak to my four?


Nope, go ahead.


I’ve altered my list, pray I don’t alter it any further.


Ok, dumped to a list, PM’d @Thraeg with it. I screwed up some of the capture before, so there’s actually about 137 entries now, but that includes the non-nominees. Not sure what the easiest way to manage those is. Might be for Thraeg to just post the link and have people validate their entries, but I’ll leave that up to him.


Thanks a lot! Nominations are now closed, and the first round will be up later today.


Ok I did a little calculation

There’s the spreadsheet of all entries.

132 total


PC has the most, so I broke down into decades. 90’s PC games still take the top slot, with 20 overall entries.

Then PC from this decade with 14

Then PS4 and Xbox 360 each with 12

Then PC’s from the 00’s with 11

Ps2 8
PS3 7

Weirdo British stuff goes here ;)

Anyhow there does seem to be some stronger recency bias than I expected, but 90’s PC shocked me, honestly. Y’all love some early CD game music!


I think it’s because music became so much better and important due to CDs, better sound cards, bigger budgets and so on, so it was…surprising to go from PC speaker/Adlib to fully orchestrated scores.


Poor Genesis :(

Also your google doc isn’t public, brosef.


Sure, I think there is definitely something to it. It was the first time when ‘real’ music could be used in games. Plus it was when many genre formative games came out.

Also it covered everything from Monkey Island to Diablo and Starcraft. It is probably the broadest musical group of all.

The relative scarcity of 16 bit music strikes me though. So many classic video game themes didn’t get tabbed, and there is overall less Nintendo than I would have expected. Possibly because some, like me, opted for newer entries (Metroid Prime over Super Metroid in my case)

Anyhow real interested to see how it shakes out!


I thought I set the share link…


Still not public, requested access.


Dang it, ok I see the problem. It set it at domain with link.

Should work now @BrianRubin @ArmandoPenblade