Enter the Game Music Thunderdome


For me, Skyrim edges out Diablo II. I finally decided on Before the Storm over Baldur’s Gate II; I can’t be sure that watching Lady Bird again this evening didn’t have something to do with it.


Before the Storm makes me feel like I’m sitting at Starbucks surrounded by millennials. So, that’s gonna be a no for me, dawg.


Before the Storm and Skyrim advance.

Match 43:

  • StarCraft
  • Journey

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Match 44:

  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Final Fantasy VI

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Yesterday’s matches remain active for a couple more hours.

Match 45:

  • Nex Machina
  • Crypt of the Necrodancer

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Match 46:

  • Morrowind
  • Final Fantasy X

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@anonymgeist might I say, excellent taste in your votes cast, sir. We are 2 for 2.


Man, Crypt of the Necrodance vs. Nex Machina was tough as hell, but NM got just a bit more of that darkwave, Perturbator/Dance with the dead vibe that I can’t get enough of musically right now. Won’t be said to see either advance.

In terms of mopey slow somber numbers from fairly recognizable and infamous orchestral soundtracks, I gotta give it to “To Zanarkand,” cuz man, that scene where it’s played really hit me in the gut when I was playing the game.


I have to be careful listening to Caprice from Morrowind. It’s so soothing and relaxing.


Journey comes to an end and FF6 is dancing mad, as StarCraft and Super Mario Galaxy advance.


Nex vs Necrodancer, AAARGH! You mean. I love both of these tracks, although I love Nex a bit more because, like Armando, I love the darkness. Plus, the section from 2:28 to 3:15 is my favourite slab of musical bliss in this entire competition.


The Nex Machina track has been an unusually slow grower for me, despite loving electronic music and synthwave. Fire Caverns does have a massive, dark and cavernous kinetic sound which seems perfect for a twin-stick shooter like Nex Machina (and, I suspect, the level).

That said, the groove of Disco Descent is enough to get your reanimated shuffle on. I love the bit from 0:00-3:00 :-) But seriously 1:12-1:48, it always gets me.

Tough choice with Caprice and Zanarkand. They’re both beautiful pieces but I love the patter and understated movements in Caprice. It’s very soothing.

I meant to comment on the previous matches too. I’ve struggled with that Journey track despite recognising how heartfelt it sounds. I hear the beautiful main theme peeking through every now and then on the cello, catching glimpses of other interesting passages but a lot of it just passes me by in a blur that I struggle to recall. It probably doesn’t help that I didn’t get much from the game emotionally like a lot of people did! I bounced off Journey pretty hard.

However, I bounced off Starcraft too but that Terran tune is weirdly atmospheric and rocking in a cheesy 90s way. All kinds of hooks and grooves in there.

Dancing Mad is terrific and epic but Gusty Garden Galaxy is an all time favourite so… yeah. I wouldn’t have been unhappy to see it go through!


Crypt of the Necrodancer and Morrowind advance.

Final matches of the round!

Match 47:

  • Smash Bros.
  • Civilization IV

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Match 48:

  • Metroid Prime
  • DooM

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Fountain of Dreams, I- I’m sorry…


First Monty, then Morrowind

Not even to something … not generic Elder Scrolls


Doom failing to beat Metroid Prime?







This was posted on my wall this morning, thought it was fairly related:


The Doom Slayer will not be happy!

I was listening to bits from the Metroid soundtracks earlier this week and while Phendrana Drifts holds a special place in my heart (and anyone who’s played the game for that matter), there’s other tracks I prefer from the Prime series and indeed Super Metroid. That’s not why I didn’t vote for it – I just adore BFG Division – but it was interesting going over the soundtracks with fresh ears, so to speak. Such evocative scores.

Gah, that Smash track is great and I love that it’s a 30 minute version so I can just leave it looping on joyous and triumphantly. It pains me to vote it out.


We are no longer internet friends. ;)


Love is pain. Or something. Have you no heart? Fountain of Dreams is a delight!

We were never friends kosc, only enemies ;-)