Enter the Matrix screenshots on EB


As we all know, when somebody goes so far out of their way to make screenshots dark, small, and grainy, they’re trying to hide something. =/

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I still have hope!

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See Dec 27 entry.

From the description on EB’s website:

“Players will see, only after playing the game, that their actions can actually have an effect on the movie The Matrix Reloaded.”

HUH? If that means that we can get so turned off by the game that ticket slaes for “The Matrix Reloaded” are disappointing, I guess that’s possible.

No, it means that if you don’t buy the game, they won’t release the movie. That’ll show us!

The game has a lot of potential–I just really need to see it in action. The screenshots are fairly poor. The shots in Game Informer or whatever they were in a couple months ago were awful. Grainy shots should not be blown up to even grainier ones.

I guess I would have to agree with you only because of the supposedly intimate involvement of the W. bros in the writing/“directing” of this game. If they have given it serious creative attention, it might actually be good.

Actually, based on the description of the game, I’m a little wary of playing it before seeing the movie. Sounds like it reveals a lot of stuff about the movie I might not want to know until actually seeing it, and includes a lot of footage from the film.

Yeah, the idea is that you’ll want to watch the movie, and then play the game. That would then explain certain parts of the movie in greater detail.

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