Entourage Season 6

It’s going to be another good season by the look of episode 1.

I like the fact that they’ve shifted the focus back on how the friends interact and, now that they’re finding they’re own way, how the dynamics may change.

The series (for me and my wife) started as a guilty pleasure; we imagined that we were catching a glimpse of a lifestyle that very few would ever experience. It felt over-the-top but was witty, charming, outrageous and intriguing.

It continues with those strengths and is likely the reason that we are enjoying Entourage still.

It’s going to be another good season …

It seems this season everyone is going to be doing some real growing up, and out.

Also, I hated Lloyd’s hair like that.

I’ve followed the show for ages it feels like but they were losing their magic last season and I’m not getting the feeling that it’s coming back. I read a commentary that said the boys’ behaviour was charming when they were hollywood outsiders trying to break in, but now that they’re inside the system it’s just obnoxious and I felt that was spot on. They’ve made it, they achieved their goals, and now there’s nothing on the horizon. E’s big dilemma boiled down to living in a million-dollar villa on his own or living in a multimillion-dollar mansion with his buddy. Not exactly major drama.

Ari and Lloyd are still bringing it, and are always good to watch, though I don’t like new partner guy.

I think new partner guy will be a major flame out and give Ari some back-down-to-earth momentum.
I also think that Vince will have to deal with being more on his own as his former followers find their way. Who knows? He may also have that beer and drive that new truck into a not-pylon and have his first negative run-in with the tabloids.

Yeah, I was not feeling the first episode. If anything it made me depressed about how shitty my life must be if Vince being home alone for a few hours is supposed to be this sad. It felt very by the numbers. And very uncharacteristically of the show, outdated. The Leno bit and the My Name is Earl bit felt totally off. And I don’t like Lloyd’s new hair either (and I’m surprised as shit he can afford that car).

Much better episode, wish this was the pilot. It’s amazing how Sloan makes every other girl look ordinary.

This season seems to be very E focused so far.

A central plot point of the Great Gatsby is a car accident, so with Vince’s learning to drive I wonder if that will come into play. Would seem too dark a turn for this show though.

She was painfully hot in Zohan, although you had to watch Zohan to see her.


Vince mentioned on Leno that he’s learning to drive because he’s playing Enzo Ferrari in a bio film. I think they’re pretty much done spending major time on “Scorsese’s Gatsby” besides mentioning how awesome Vince was in it at least once per episode.

Though I couldn’t shake the feeling that there was going to be some sort of car accident in the first episode, especially when Eric pointed out that Vince was drinking before driving and he shrugged it off. Maybe there will be an accident on the set of the movie…

I have had enough of listening to the boys razz E about his love life. Though I can put up with it, as it often leads to scenes with Sloane ;)

The show’s never been about major drama. It’s about a fantasy lifestyle and living it vicariously through the lives of the characters. I personally prefer the fun “good times” episodes (Aquaman opening weekend, Vegas trip) to the ones where they’re on a low. If you want real drama watch something else because the characters on this show are always going to be protected from real harm by the central premise, which is letting the good times roll.

I don’t get how even Vince can razz E about Sloan. Has Vince even tapped anything that fine (maybe Alba in her prime)?

Major drama was possible a bad choice of words. What I was getting at is that the boys no longer have anything to aspire to, all the interesting goals have already been met. Vince became the biggest action star in Hollywood, Turtle got a girlfriend, E got his business together, Drama got his big tv series. So now we saw E agonise over which villa he’d live in. Aspiring is always more interesting than having. And the boys now have it all.

That said, episode two was a lot better.

It’s good, and Ari always delivers, but it’s less interesting than previous seasons. Kinda predictable so far.

We haven’t had a big Ari moment in a while.

The hints he was dropping at the dinner table were good. Although we still need a major lash-out at Lloyd.

This is the worst season of Entourage ever.

Yeah, the show’s entire premise really ran out of steam when the underdogs became successful. It’s limping along at this point, but I still find it to be very addictive television.

It has been weird how little this season has revolved around Vince. Yeah, he had the stalker, but even that hasn’t amounted to much.

Also, did I follow correctly (I was reading while the ep was on)? The Ashley/E/Sloan thing look like it effectively rebooted back to where it was a few eps ago?

Ashley creeps me out. She looks like a thirteen-year-old.