Envy 3% at rottentomates


That is the lowest score i have ever seen.

Stolen Summer the project greenlight bomb even got 35%, and did you know he did a new movie (Pete Jones)?

“Doubting Riley”

And I have the sinking impression, Pete Jones has another author credit to his name with the one review for this movie at imdb:
"It’s raw, powerful and hilarious. Director Pete Jones takes risks here- no compromises! He lets it ALL hang out! He draws upon deep personal stuff here from his youth. This is the type of material that you need to see to believe and then you still don’t believe it so you have to see it again and again and again! "


Filthy gave it one finger. Too bad he’s not one of the critics that Tomatometer polls :)

0% on the Tomatometer:


WTF? Mean Girls is at 86%!

I assume you think that’s high? This movie seems to be billed as Another Formulaic Teen Comedy but based on what I’ve read/heard it actually strays from the formula and is kind of clever. You’d never know it by looking at the commercials or trailer, though.

Now, now, we are all aware that a thoughtful and accurate review requires nothing more than one screening of a television commercial preview or alternatively looking at the cast to decide if their cred stands up to the reviewer’s standards.

This is exactly why, in my 12 second review of “Monster”, I decided that it must suck entirely, because Charlize Theron was in “Reindeer Games” with Ben Affleck, thus tainting her as an actress for all time. I was quite shocked to see that reviewers who had seen the movie rated it somewhat higher than myself.

Obviously, the film had good junkets.

Rotten Tomatoes has a page that shows the lowest-scored films they have on the site. Some films get hundreds of reviews and end up with a score of 0%. One example that comes to mind is The Adventures of Pluto Nash, unless it managed to get some positive reviews over time then I do not know.

Ballistic: Ecks versus Sever… I read that Lucy Liu was almost killed making this movie and El Mariachi saved her. I wonder what thoughts actors have when they are almost killed doing a stunt for a movie that got nothing but bad reviews…

My agent is SOOOOOO fired.

Tina Fey was on Conan the other night promoting this film. Evidently she wrote it (she’s also portraying a teacher in it), which bumps the film up a few notches in the “want to see” scale. In case you don’t know, she’s the head writer of Saturday Night Live, as well as being the cute chick who does Weekend Update alongside Jimmy Fallon. She won an Emmy a few years back for the SNL writing.

Godsend is at 3% also:

I didn’t see the one word review, though: Godawful.

Ballastic could have been better, but for Lucy Liu fans it’s well worth owning.

Ballastic could have been better, but for Lucy Liu fans it’s well worth owning.

If all you need from a movie is a series of extended sequences of Lucy Liu firing a variety of big guns, loving slo-mo’ed and tightly framed so you can see the freckles on her nose, then I guess you could say Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever is well worth owning…

Which it absolutely is! Best. Movie. Evar! Okay, maybe not, but certainly a guiltier pleasure for me than, say, Armaggedon.


The difference is that, while it has its fair share of problems, Armageddon is pretty much watchable. Ballistic is one of the most UNwatchable films I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through. They should have done a Swordfish and convinced Lucy to go topless. That might just have saved it. Then again, probably not.

Gary Whitta, you are a man of questionable taste – a British one at that! – so your opinions on Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever, aka The Lucy Liu Slo-Mo Extravanganza, are of no consequence to those of us who Get it.

Besides, you didn’t even Get the last Charlie’s Angels movie, so how could we expect you to Get Ballistic?

Can I get someone to post a picture of Lucy Liu in this thread?


[Lo Pan]SHUT UP, MR. CHICK!! You were not put upon this earth to get it.[/Lo Pan]

Eh? Who the hell is that? And how long until DrCrypt makes a tee shirt out of it?

Awww…that’s so sweet.


Oh. He’s dreamier than I would have thought. :)