EoD - Vietnam mod for BF1942

Just dled this and played it for a few minutes. Good sound effects – some nice looking maps, and the standard replacement of the usual weapons with period AK-47s, PT-75s, MiG-19s, F-105s, PBRs, and the like.

Of course, my only quibble is that everyone from “North Vietnam” is running around black pyjamas, and I was under the impression that was the Viet Cong uniform. So I suppose while the VC are fighting on the North Vietnamese side, they’re actually South Vietnamese.

<goes back and reads what he just wrote>

Err… yeah, sorry, that was my inner Brian Koontz.

As if one Brian Koontz wasn’t enough.

You’d think they would find some other timeline to work with. What with that official sequel set in Vietnam in the pipeline.

My original post was in June, and they started this and released the test before Battlefield:Vietnam was announced.

And I just read on desertcombat.com that Goetterfunke, the lead modder on EoD, has left that project and joined the Desert Combat team.

I’m trying to locate where I read a notice from him about EoD and how it was unlikely to go past 20%, especially with EA releasing their Vietnam sequel, but I can’t find it again.


One of the leaders on this mod just left to join the Desert Combat mod team due to the sequel.

Not surprising. DC is fun – although I have this worry that they’ll put too many vehicle in there, diluting the gameplay experience.

I mean, a drivable forklift?

They are also working on adding an SR-71 to Desert Combat. Why ? I have no idea.

Community projects are fun that way.

Don’t you have this backwards? South Vietnam was the good guy, North was the bad. Right, or am I crazy?


Yeah, North Vietnam was “the bad guy”, but the Viet Cong were Southern Vietnamese that fought for the communist side. It was a civil war, after all.

If you’re going to be fighting “North Vietnamese” they really should be wearing NVA uniforms, not black pyjamas. Or at least, that was the difference in Seal Team.

Community projects are fun that way.[/quote]

I don’t think they can make maps big enough for an SR-71 to even turn. And what will it do? Take pictures? It’s been decommisioned anyway, silly inclusion.

I’d assume they’d have it provide “snapshots” of the battlefield, perhaps temporarily showing the position of enemy units within a certain radius. That would be pretty useful.

Well, I guess the SR-71 is in it for the purpose of “let’s also use some vehicles even Joe Average will recognize.”