EPA suspends environmental laws and reporting

I don’t even…

This must be what Trump meant when he said the cure would be worse than the disease.

Okay, team, where have we been keeping that unreported stored toxic waste all these years? Time to dump it!

Jesus wtf

I don’t generally read the politics forums on here any more, but if this were confined to certain things it would make some sense. If managed properly. For example, we have to file a regular report on storm-water runoff to the state environmental folks. It requires a state approved stormwater collection kit, samples pulled from a specific locations (which is problematic if it goes a long time without raining,) those samples sent to a third party who do the analysis, they send us the results which I put into a pretty overly complex form, which I then have to send in paper format into the correct person at the state environmental office, who has to review it and then approve it by the date required. If we’re late, we get hit by fines.

Right now our company is open, but it may get closed down. I have to get this report in by end of this month. The company we send it to for third party analysis just told me they are temporarily closed for this kind of work (people staying home rather than working in a tight lab.) Also, the state environmental agency has said many of their people are staying home.

If you have a situation like that, this makes sense. It would be unfair to fine us (with already tough economics right now) for lack of meeting the deadline in this case.

I guess if it weren’t under an administration that actively denies climate change and has been gutting basic clean air/water protections for years, I might feel better about this as a legit response to business hardships in a time of coronavirus.

Exactly my feelings @Gordon_Cameron.

Pretty much. I expect rivers to fill with coal ash soon.

China did the same thing a couple weeks back.

But air quality got way better due to people not doing anything.

Seen the same thing all over the globe.

What if coronavirus teaches us all that most of the stuff we do all day doesn’t really need doing? Perhaps sheer idleness is the path to global salvation…

I think there is a very real chance of this.

But not so much of that. Companies will just bank the labor cost savings and use it to reward executives and — maybe — shareholders.

millenium Jesus come to teach us that energy efficiency is key (and i don’t mean LEDs, I mean laziness.) I am on board!