Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Yeah, it’s nice lookin’. Missing tons of functionality, though. Wishlists are a big one, as is training the store on your preferences. Not a big deal now with like 10 games, but discovery is extremely important with a large marketplace. I’m sure they’ll add that stuff soon enough, right now it’s barebones.


So now Epic is bribing devs who make games that were already announced for Steam to NOT come to Steam and to come to Epic Store instead…

This is shitty. It is not competition, it is fragmentation. Just like MS/EA/Actard/Bethesda deserve criticism for keeping their games exclusive to their stores, so does now Epic.


So, exclusives:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw devs are saying it will be a temporal exclusive, so maybe it’s the same with the other announced exclusives, and they will appear on Steam after specified time.

Other exclusives:

The Pathless

Rebel Galaxy

Exclusives = no price advantage for customers … so yeah that might be nice for devs to take in additional money from every sales (and maybe some bonus from EPIC for being an “exclusive”) but it’s not for the customers and means more fragmentation instead of direct competition.


Gotta say I am disappointed in both Sweeney and Galyonkin. Sweeney was criticising MS so hard for their UWP and Windows Store nonsense (rightly so) and now does the anticustomer nonsense.


Ashen wasn’t just supposed to be on Steam and Xbox. It was supposed to be Xbox Play Anywhere.


That’s some serious money being thrown around.


Is there any actual evidence they’re paying for exclusivity?


The number of assumptions and unfounded claims in this thread are out of character for these forums. Give Epic time to further their store features and Valve time to respond, but either way, the devs and gamers are both winning!

Whining and complaining in the meantime is just silly.


How are gamers winning at the moment?


Well, if you’re interested in Ashen, you don’t need to use the Windows Store.

Ultimately if devs make more money on their games, that means they can spend more on development, making better games, and more of them. Many smaller dev houses run on the razor’s edge, if a single title doesn’t do well they could go out of business, this gives them a better margin for error. So really everybody wins but Steam.


I have an Xbox.


To be clear, I’ve wanted someone to hold the fire to Valve’s feet for a long time and I’m a fan of developers getting a larger cut. That’s great news for them.

For the consumer I’m just seeing more market segregation thus far so I’m not thrilled from that angle. The “gamers are winning” comment just made me wonder if I missed an announcement of some sort.

I want to see incentives to make me want to buy on a new store, not locking up games behind the walls. It’s been my complaint with Origin, UPlay, etc.


Stusser’s comments are 100% accurate.

Also, free games!


No. I’m sure Annapurna put all their upcoming games on Epic’s store as an experiment and got nothing extra in return.


They got 18% more revenue per game sold. 23%, if they use Unreal.

And I just looked it up. Ashen does use Unreal.


I just used math, and 23% more profit adds up quick.


23% more profit is great if you’re on a store people use, which hasn’t been proven for the Epic store yet. This is a pretty big risk if there was no payment for exclusivity.


Actually, no. Not for the very first games on the platform. Ashen got tons of publicity for that alone. Everybody’s checking out the new store, it’s actual news.

Now if you go exclusive on the Epic Store in January, that would be a consideration for sure.


Damn, Subnautica free too. That is one of my favorite games of all time.

Despite my rant up thread, I can tell they’re going to win me over…


Yeah I can’t wait to finally get Journey on PC.

I bet @BrianRubin has been trying to buy Rebel Galaxy Outlaw all night. :)