Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Damn, Subnautica free too. That is one of my favorite games of all time.

Despite my rant up thread, I can tell they’re going to win me over…


Yeah I can’t wait to finally get Journey on PC.

I bet @BrianRubin has been trying to buy Rebel Galaxy Outlaw all night. :)


Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek just launched on Epic. I don’t see it on Steam…


Exactly. While I appreciate a store pushing hard to compete with Steam, third party exclusives are the same dumb thing we bitched at Microsoft about. Sure, keep your first party games exclusive they are your games, why share a cut? Holding third party games to one marketplace doesn’t feel pro-consumer to me.


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I’m almost offended that you think that highly of us.


None of this is intended to be pro-consumer, because the thing to realize is that the status quo is pro consumer. Game prices drop extremely quickly and we can get tons of games on the cheap. The intended effect here is to be pro-developer, to shift some of the money away from Steam towards developers, and to make Epic a ton of money in the process.

Is the impact of all this going to be pro consumer? Maybe, but the fight is happening at a distance that’s removed from us and doesn’t interest us directly. I don’t really care which store I use so long as my massive gaming collection on Steam and GOG is somehow preserved (even if it’s copied over to the Epic store in a GOG Connect fashion). I’m also very skeptical another store can provide all the added value Steam gives me. If Steam dies because Epic extracted all the profit they were making, is that good for the consumer? If GOG dies because it’s a smaller store and therefore more sensitive to the proliferation of competitors, is that good for the consumer? I’ll take those free games, but my first (and selfish) loyalty will be to GOG and Steam surviving.


Hah, not yet.


Team 17’s Genesis Alpha One is Epic exclusive on PC.


“Launch” exclusive.


I’m sure that’s going to be the case for most third party games, kind of like how cinema studios get a bigger cut earlier in a movie’s run. Milk the early adopters on Epic, then go for the broadest distribution for the long tail.


Pretty sure they get an even sweeter deal from Epic right now. The danger of losing out on early sales on an unproven platform is too great. Once/if the platform proves itself, it’ll get back to the ‘official’ deal.


Was this linked?

Yes. We’re launching with manual refunds through player support, and automated refunds will follow soon. We expect to provide each user with “no-questions-asked” refund tokens to use in the first 14 days after buying a game.

Also this:


Another Unreal engine game. It’s just an amazing deal for them.


News articles are misreporting the refund policy as no questions asked for anything within two weeks of purchase. According to their FAQ, you get two, period.

If I’m a developer this store sounds great. No reviews! No community to interact with! Higher profits! Less refunds! There’s no reason for me as a consumer to prefer this store.


FYI, you’re still doing the percentage calculation using the wrong base revenue amount. It’s actually 25% more revenue in the normal case, 35% more for Unreal users.


Oh, you will prefer this store, because we’ll make you prefer it by keeping our exclusives on it!


Apart from the games being on it.


Personally I’ve got enough award winners/AAA blockbusters/indie darlings to last me until I die, but sure. That consideration will be different for everyone. The only EA game I’ve played in the past… 5? years has been Burnout Paradise Remastered.


Same here. I haven’t touched EA games since they moved to Origin and I don’t miss them. Same with Ubisoft. But I’m a patient gamer™ myself with not a lot of gaming time. I buy most games when they get cheap, and I assume these will all end up on Steam some day anyway.