Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Team 17’s Genesis Alpha One is Epic exclusive on PC.


“Launch” exclusive.


I’m sure that’s going to be the case for most third party games, kind of like how cinema studios get a bigger cut earlier in a movie’s run. Milk the early adopters on Epic, then go for the broadest distribution for the long tail.


Pretty sure they get an even sweeter deal from Epic right now. The danger of losing out on early sales on an unproven platform is too great. Once/if the platform proves itself, it’ll get back to the ‘official’ deal.


Was this linked?

Yes. We’re launching with manual refunds through player support, and automated refunds will follow soon. We expect to provide each user with “no-questions-asked” refund tokens to use in the first 14 days after buying a game.

Also this:


Another Unreal engine game. It’s just an amazing deal for them.


News articles are misreporting the refund policy as no questions asked for anything within two weeks of purchase. According to their FAQ, you get two, period.

If I’m a developer this store sounds great. No reviews! No community to interact with! Higher profits! Less refunds! There’s no reason for me as a consumer to prefer this store.


FYI, you’re still doing the percentage calculation using the wrong base revenue amount. It’s actually 25% more revenue in the normal case, 35% more for Unreal users.


Oh, you will prefer this store, because we’ll make you prefer it by keeping our exclusives on it!


Apart from the games being on it.


Personally I’ve got enough award winners/AAA blockbusters/indie darlings to last me until I die, but sure. That consideration will be different for everyone. The only EA game I’ve played in the past… 5? years has been Burnout Paradise Remastered.


Same here. I haven’t touched EA games since they moved to Origin and I don’t miss them. Same with Ubisoft. But I’m a patient gamer™ myself with not a lot of gaming time. I buy most games when they get cheap, and I assume these will all end up on Steam some day anyway.


Is that all you get on the store, a one paragraph description of each game? Or am I missing a page or toggle?

Steam has a lot of UI faults, but at least I can find not only detailed descriptions of games, but a handy breakdown of features. Does it offer controller support? Is it singleplayer or multiplayer?

Here’s all I get for Ashen (along with system requirements at the bottom):



It’s very bare bones. The store doesn’t even have a search function yet as far as I can tell. Though I guess there aren’t enough games to need one.


I have similar problems with the Oculus store, and IIRC Nintendo as well (although I think there’s might be a little better, it’s been a while). It drives me bonkers.


Well then gamers are not really “winning” are they?

If the goal is to get exclusives and keep prices high, then it’s not pro consumer.


The first version of steam was what? a launcher.

give it time. they will add more features.


Always see this argument and always find it stupid (no offense) - Epic is not trying to compete with Steam 2004, but with Steam 2018.
But yes, they will add more features next year for sure.


Under that kind of argument, we’re lucky that anytime someone makes an application that a mouse works with it all. I mean… you can only go back so far with these kind of silly comparisons.


So someone pick apart my superior logic here. :)

Why not just sell your game on both the EPIC store and STEAM, but on STEAM charge an extra 30% or whatever. It allows the game to be on both digital service, and the developers get the same cut. People have the choice then to buy where they want, well knowing they have the option to pay the STEAM tax for having it on that service.