Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Apart from the fact that is bad that Epic Store or any other software shouldn’t collect information from your HDD that isn’t directly tied to that software, we also should ask the software developers to be more proactive in securing the data in the first place.
You cannot trust any other third party utility, hoping they all will be good guys. You never know if this text editor or that music program or this innocuous strategy game is going to do the same. And because you can never know, the data should be encrypted, unreadable to any third parties.


I addressed that in the previous post.


Valve responds to the recent issue:

We are looking into what information the Epic launcher collects from Steam.

The Steam Client locally saves data such as the list of games you own, your friends list and saved login tokens (similar to information stored in web browser cookies). This is private user data, stored on the user’s home machine and is not intended to be used by other programs or uploaded to any 3rd party service.

Interested users can find localconfig.vdf and other Steam configuration files in their Steam Client’s installation directory and open them in a text editor to see what data is contained in these files. They can also view all data related to their Steam account at: https://help.steampowered.com/en/accountdata.


We aren’t using the approved method of data collection - causing security and privacy concerns - because we are concerned with security and privacy.


I dunno. That sounded weird. So is EPIC games tracking my purchases and stuff? Yeah I saw what they said. I am beginning to worry just a small bit. Seems creepy.


I am seeing a lot of youtube playing of Epic store upcoming games, so I assume they are investing heavily in the influencer marketing side of things.


Epic is also investing heavily in advertising on gaming sites.

For instance PC Gamer has a whole series of sponsored articles strictly about Epic exclusives.

I suppose that is also why RPS wrote the laziest article about Epic data collection opining that the detractors were racists.


RPS is always chomping at the bit to write that article. I’m not at all surprised.


Uh, people here said that too, and I’m reasonably confident it wasn’t a sponsored post.


Yes but it is a sloppy argument. I would’ve expected more from RPS than a red herring found in some random Reddit comment.


A few years ago, maybe. Today, this is what RPS has become, a shell of its former self.


Sure. I was merely disagreeing that money was a more likely motivator than worldview. As Fishbreath said, I think some are just anxious to draw those conclusions.


Just so I know where to turn for “legitimate” game journalism, what game website isn’t a shell of its former self these days?


Absolutely fair.




QT3. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.


And we wouldn’t have it any other way!


My paraphrasing of Tim’s explanation:

“Yeah we just copied data from a specific file in Steam and then stored it in an encrypted format because we were in a hurry, we only wanted the Steam friend info! Our bad!”

Does Tim Sweeney think we’re stupid? He copied the whole file because it had interesting data in it and he didn’t want to lose access if the format was changed or it moved. He encrypted it to make it less likely that this was noticed.


What kind of information is Steam tracking on me that is so valiable or scary?


Your phone/Google/Facebook are tracking far more than that. Maybe you avoid those, but this still seems pretty minor. Literally everything is tracking you nowadays.