Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs


Other than potential lawsuits with non-existing case-law, not much of a change, no.

I won’t go that far, but if no deals are broken I can pardon their beliefs :P most of them are probably like our resident Galaxy Outlaw, you can’t really get mad at him, can you? (just found out I wasn’t subscribed to the split thread, grumble)


It’s cute you think Valve promoting games on their platform is somehow legally actionable.


Even though I will not purchase the products from Epic, I perfectly understand that sentiment as well. They may very well be chasing fool’s gold but they are more than free to do so.

However, if a dev has made representations that their product will be available elsewhere (or in some cases contractual obligations) and then decide to reverse course and go exclusive, then they reap what they sew. At the very least that is untrustworthy behavior and in some cases could be considered fraud. I will play the world’s smallest violin when they come crying after customers bury their game with pirated copies and bad reviews.


It was cute thinking Apple having the only store on iOS was legally actionable. It was cute thinking you could sue Steam for a refund. It was cute thinking someone would legislate loot drops as gambling. It was cute thinking you could resell an (old type) Adobe license.
But not anymore.


If Mr. Brommel’s tweets above are responding to ReLogic they already clarified their thinking. ReLogic was purely speaking for themselves.

In semi-related news inXile posted a Fig update that Wasteland 3 will not be an exclusive product and will release on Steam and GOG at minimum.


“When I said doing that would make us sell-out shitburgers I didn’t mean to imply others doing the same would also be sell-out shitburgers! How could you even think that?!?!”


Sorry guys, but I bought my first game on EGS. Subnautica Below Zero was super cheap (6.25€)


What the what.

Also a free game every week during the sale.

Oh and its the final few hours for the FREE copy of World of Goo.

Some of the discounts are insane with that $10 off, up to 75% off games released only a month ago. D:


I love watching people play subnautica, but I doubt I will ever play it myself. It’s just to big and makes me very anxious.


The store is a little confusing, some prices apparently already include epic discount, the others do not. For example, Darksiders 3 is 10 off and on their page it states that is with the epic discount. BL3 is also 10 off but on their webpage the price with epic discount is only listed for upper tier versions. Phoenix point is also 10 off and there’s no mention of epic discount on its store page.

So what I’m getting at is, I can’t tell what’s actually a sale and what isn’t. Is the final price with this epic deal for phoenix point 22€ or 12€?


On mobile, the total discount shows in pink. So $29.99.


Thanks, I checked again and I can see the purple tabs now. Not sure what the issue was before (I’m also on mobile fwiw)


I’m hoping they will change Hades price later. In Europe, right now because a previous discount the game is below the $15 mark, so the $10 discount isn’t applied to it.
From what I read, in USA is different, and it has the discount.


Hades is showing $7 here with the discount.

John Wick Hex is $8 w/td.


Anyone played Operencia btw? Any good?


Maybe I will have to pick up satisfactory now.


I think 78% off for Oxygen Not Included is by far an all time low for that game. Really good price.


So you get another $10 off games over $14.99? Oooh, just found the faq. Seems so. That makes Outward $11?

And that they’re giving you discounts on stuff recently purchased too is pretty awesome.

I may have to break down and get Outward and Subnautica.

I’m not touching the game I read as John Wick Sex, though.


Was Outward only $22 before? It was more expensive for me.


39.99 down to 21.99, plus the $10 off. So $12. On US store which took me 15 minutes to get in due to timeouts.