Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I haven’t noticed any issues with their launcher thus far, with that said I’ve only played free games through it (subnautica, slime rancher, fortnite).

That’s because they have read your Steam library and are deliberately choosing games you alrady own. (joking… hopefully)

I tried the store again just now, and is anyone else still finding it extremely sluggish to scroll? It’s juddering like my old iPhone 3GS when I installed iOS 6 on it. What browser is this based on?

I thought the Epic store had Division 2 for sale but when I looked for it just now on mobile it only has “coming soon”

All Uplay games stopped working, they are investigating it since May 11th I think.

I can’t find the original mention of it, but it is mentioned a lot in the 50+ page thread over on ResetERA.

Also I see the outer wilds is up for pre-order now.

Thanks. Well that’s stupid.

2 weeks without access to games you’ve paid for, no biggie.

I can still access the games I paid for. Significant difference between not being able to buy and not being able to play something already purchased.

Oh yeah, one form of complete incompetence is much better than the other one.

Oh yeah, a false incompetence isn’t any different from a real one. Lies, truth, who cares?!

How much does Epic pay for astroturfing these days?

No, he is right. Criticism of Epic is good and needed, but only when it is accurate.

You know, I am surprised they haven’t offered any V-bucks with store purchases. That would probably get their Fortnite players to spend some cash.


Not being able to buy products from a publisher for two weeks due to a technical issue is acceptable?

It is less unacceptable than not being able to play games you bought, yes. And you claimed something that apparently wasn’t the case. Although lordksc is the one who posted that inaccuracy originally. I am assuming Lunarstorm is not lying and can install and play his uplay games on Epic store.

I still cannot find the original post made by epic/ubisoft.

So you can play the Ubi games you bought via the epic store now?

A little explanation on their store page would have been better than just having them not appear on the store anymore.

The have a news area, but nothing mentioned there.

Because apparently Twitter is all that matters anymore:

It’s been two weeks, so I’m going to consider this a bullshit excuse to keep Ubi games out of the sale.

Ok so the CEO is now re-clarifying his statement.

“Epic Games store has exceeded our expectations in terms of sales in actual units of both Metro Exodus and Satisfactory during the quarter,” Wingefors tells us. “Epic Games store is in fact the group’s leading digital platform in terms of revenue generated by units sales in the quarter ending March.”

Is there another digital platform the games are selling on?

PSN and Xbox Live, I was assuming?