Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Under the requirements:
“High speed internet access and a valid UPlay account required to activate the game after installation”

OK, but does to make sure… does that mean it’s a Uplay key? Because Steam seems to also require Uplay, but you don’t get it on Uplay itself. Right?

It reads like it gives you a UPlay key to activate, but I honestly don’t know.

I just took a chance and bought Anno 1800. You do not get a Uplay key directly, but it does work.

When you try to install via Epic it offers to link to your Uplay account. Do that and then DO NOT install via Epic. Exit that and start Uplay instead and you should then see it there. Go ahead and install & play from Uplay.


That’s some weird voodoo, but glad it works.

From what I’ve read you could install from Epic, but then it launches Uplay when run anyways. And if the Epic install location is different than Uplay (which, surprise, it is), then it goes and reinstalls via Uplay anyhow.


I bought it yesterday. Epic installed a shortcut on my desktop like I asked, and it’s a Uplay icon. But that launches Uplay and then launches the game.

However, I did launch Uplay just now separately on its own, and I do indeed have Far Cry Primal in my library of games now, but it shows it not under the games I currently have installed, but my overall game library. So it looks like I could uninstall the Epic version and just install it from the Uplay app if I want.

This name is reliable in the SNK community. Sounds like Epic was making a play on Samurai Shodown reboot.

So, I’m playing Operencia, but I’ve noticed that I don’t need the launcher for anything. The question is, how do the games get updated?


Launch the epic launcher and it will tell you what installed games have updates available.

Also, refunding a game doesn’t remove it from your library, or stop you from launching it.

Which is generous.


Tim Sweeney admits what we all knew.

tl;dr - Paid exclusives are the only way to compete against Steam.

What utter horseshit.

I do believe this will lead to greater profits. That makes me ecstatic for the little guys out there, and that’s important. But the idea that this is somehow going to translate into price reduction for consumers is such bullshit, and he knows it.

Price reduction huh… we’ll see. If only there was a way to see if there was a price reduction involved say, if a game was actually available at multiple stores at different prices.

resulting 18% increase in developer and publisher revenue

Oh, for fuck’s sake. I would have expected at least Sweeney to have done the math, and know it’s actually a 25% increase in revenue.

I’ll go where the developers go, as long as they have a game I want to play, at a price I think is reasonable, on a platform that is usable.

If it makes them more money, that is great. If it saves me money, that would be also great. If it makes them more money, but doesn’t cost me more money, that would be okay.

It absolutely should not be controversial to say that lower costs and greater competition can lead to lower pricing.

I mean, it won’t. But it could.

I’m not price sensitive. I don’t care about that, games are too cheap anyway. I was buying games for $60 twenty years ago. What I want are better games, and more of them, and it should-- again-- not be controversial that lower costs and greater competition leads there.

My takeaway is still no release date for Outlaw Galaxy Rebel Alliance.