Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Aimed at no one in particular.

Maybe the Steam thread is a good place to talk about Steam. Just saying.

At least until Steam buys Epic and ends all of this crap.

…or until Epic buys Steam.

Whichever comes first.

We are gonna see more exclusives though all of 2020 aren’t we? :(

That’s a given. The interesting thing is, are they going to continue in 2020 with the same strategy? that’s the real question.

I am just glad both Cyberpunk 2077 and Bloodlines 2 escaped Tim’s grubby hands and I can get them on GOG (already preordered in fact) day one. By far my most anticipated games on the horizon.
Hopefully Techland resists as well.

Nice! That still hasn’t gone on a proper sale on PS4. Hopefully a PC release now means a reasonable price by Black Friday.

Limbo is free this week. And next week they are giving out 2 free games. Moonlighter and This War of Mine free on the Epic Games store on July 25.

Nice! I’ve been wanting to try out Moonlighter

Limbo is also in the Humble Trove, for folks who have the monthly subscription.

But why bother with getting it on Humble Trove, where it is only available for you when you have a monthly subscription, when you can get it completely for free on Epic?

It is drm-free on the trove, so you can sub for a month, download all the games there and keep them.

I don’t recommend subscribing just for access to the Trove, but if you have an active subscription then the games in the Trove are already paid for. So why not?

Because, even though it’s DRM free, I feel like accessing the game after you have paused or stopped you subscription is tantamount to theft and a breach of trust.

Perhaps I am wrong, and they expect people to continue to play and access the games after they have stopped subscribing, but that feels like a moral grey area that is easily avoid by getting the game from Epic without any strings attached.

I agree, but that kind of goes out the door once they put it out there for free. He could just download on Epic and continue to play his original version.

If you really think it’s a moral gray area, then you could just ask the Humble Bundle folks if it’s ok.

Why? It’s free on Epic.

No reason then. I’m happy with the Humble Trove version though.

And I have paused my Humble Bundle once again, so I’m happy to get it free from Epic without any Moral questions.