Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

It was in the Humble Monthly a while ago. There seems to be a lot of overlap.

In time for the upcoming expansion I think.

Also a lot of overlap with Xbox Game Pass.

Wow, that latter one tempts me dearly. I already have most of their free games that I like but not that one.

Hyper Light Drifter was a Twitch giveaway several months ago, too, and I think it’s been in a monthly.

So my email is being used by someone in Russia.
They evidently don’t send out like confirmation when you sign up for an account to the email you put on the account.
What a shit show.

I was willing to give them a shot to play Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, but now I have to wait forever for the account to be deleted so I can remake it. So I don’t get to play because they can’t be bothered to do the absolute minimum on their end, which is making me rethink doing it at all.

Edit: Apparently they don’t email for confirmation for “DELETE MY ENTIRE ACCOUNT LOL” either.
It’s like Apple only more incompetent and stupid.

I thought they fixed that. At least you’re going to have a cart now… By buying via humble.

If I wait a year, sure.

Edit: FFS his “name” on the account isn’t even a name it’s just like LETTER ASTERISK ASTERISK LETTER.

I wish download size was standard too. People will always ask for it. Always. Because it’s a big issue for those of us with limited bandwidth. If I really want a game I’ll find a way around a large download size, such as downloading it before my monthly limit rolls over, or even splitting it over two monthly limits (I had to do that with Assassin’s Creed Origins, mostly because the timing worked out). I can’t even imagine trying to download 165 Gb.

Hey they deleted the account.

And the account still exists. But you can’t log into it.
Totally deleted guys!

What a fucking shit show.

Have you double checked to make sure you’re not just racist toward Chinese people?

In all seriousness, that situation sucks. It’s the growing pains of a new store, I just wish we weren’t “forced” (if we don’t want to wait a year or whatever to play certain games) to use it before it had more time in the oven.

It’s just incompetence on their end across the board. Not new pains.

That someone can sign up using anyone’s email and there is no confirmation wouldn’t pass muster, ever, anywhere.
That you can’t fix it when it happens just speaks to them being hopelessly inept.

It is ridiculous. I wonder if it’s still that way now, or if this dates back to when Paragon or Fortnite launched. I know that’s when my account comes from. Your point is valid, though, even then there should have been a verification requirement.

You would think. I have two emails and I was losing my ISP, so I go to all my accounts that use my isp email & proceed to change them to my gmail account. Paypal and Netflix both had accounts with my email. Paypal has been no help whatsoever, regardless how many times I have called and talked to a real person. The netflix one I was able to reset it the password.

Even in this day & age, it astounds me on how many sites allow you to sign up without verifying the email.

Well not all sites are primarily digital. Epic certainly can’t use that excuse.

Target, for years wouldn’t let you change an e-mail address. It was your login and if you wanted another one you best open a new account… they fixed that.

Why does the EGS keep forgetting my password, or forgetting my device? Despite having the “remember me” box checked, I have to log in and go through 2FA every few days. Is it because there was an update to the store which then forces a new device check? It’s irritating as hell, especially because 2FA often doesn’t work so I have to keep resending the verification email.

I know there’s a console command to skip EGS when launching (certain) games, but I still need to use EGS to check for patches.

ETA on a data breach, anyone?

I don’t know, I’ve had this issue since forever. Like you, it’s usually every few days it seems to have forgotten me. I thought maybe it was the fact that I have a gaming desktop and laptop, but if you’re getting it too maybe it’s something else. It could also be every time the store updates and I’m just not noticing when it does, perhaps?

November 2018? Or do you mean a new one?

This weeks 2 free games are up: