Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

My point was more that lately whenever I hear someone bragging about what a good deal they got, I can’t help feeling someone got screwed in order to make it happen. I’m becoming a pessimist.

So the only game store I currently buy games from is Steam. Barring Humble Bundles which I sometimes buy but usually always redeem on Steam.

Although over the years I have accumulated sizable libraries of games in all the stores I never bought from like GOG, Uplay, and Origins via various giveaways. Epic Games will share the same fate. I have no real intentions of ever buying games from there, but I will gladly take stuff that is as cheap as free.

If there is a glorious store front slaughter in the grimdark future armageddon of the apocalypse, my bet is on Steam making it out alive. #Impulse-fooled-me-once

As a side note, the games in other game store libraries I actually rarely basically never really play. It is more of a collectors habit. Those games exist in a 2nd class backlog behind my Steam library backlog. :)

So far I’ve bought:

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
John Wick Hex
Genesis Alpha One
Outer Wilds

I bought “Close To The Sun” for full price just because I was in the right mood, and I had just read an article that made it seem appealing to me.

I had no issue paying that price, as I thought it was reasonable. Thus I was a bit surprised when, several days later, I received an email stating that $10 had been refunded to my account because of a sale that had occurred after I had made my purchase. Which has never happened to me before, anywhere.

So it’s difficult for me to say I’ve had anything other than a positive experience at the EGS. Well, except that, as others have pointed out, it’s getting more and more maddeningly difficult to find what I’m looking for there, and so I’m avoiding the place for now, except for when they give away the free games.

Once they get their shit straightened out however, I don’t imagine I’ll be avoiding it any more than I already avoid Steam. (I have no negative experiences at either of those stores, and nothing bad to say about them. It’s just that my first choice will always be GOG. I mean, I still buy plenty of games elsewhere, but only because GOG doesn’t carry them.)


I really wish I knew what the bug was that makes EGS “forget” who I am and what devices I’ve connected from. I’d say 2 out of 3 times I load it up, it doesn’t recognize my device, forces me to log back in, and re-enter a validation code sent to my email. It’s really annoying as it means I have to go dig up the login info in my password manager and wait for the verification email almost every time I load it.

That would drive me a bit bonkers. I hope they resolve it.

I think it’s related to connecting from multiple devices. They’re probably not tracking multiple tokens on a single account correctly.

Welp tomorrow should be fun…

More follow up on this:

Wait, did he just cite Amazon as a company you want to emulate? That’s like the rebellion in star wars saying “We should emulate the Hutts more”

Anyway, I love the rest of this guys response, but I thought that was amusing.

But I love this particular response

Makes perfect sense to me. They don’t want to clutter up the store with low-profile indie games unless they’re exclusives.

That said, taking that stance while simultaneously talking up “multi-store choice” is a teensy bit disingenuous.

I see his point, though. From a consumer point of view–at least, from my consumer point of view–Amazon is great. Don’t like something? Return it, no hassle. Want it fast? Pretty much always get it fast. Want choice? Tons of products across tons of suppliers. Whatever shenanigans Amazon my get into at the macro level, from the worm’s eye view of schmucks buying stuff, they’re great.

I’m sure that Hutts had some great efficiencies as well. I mean, they were able to retain their independence during a lot of the conflicts after all.

Well, Amazon hasn’t locked me chains or fed me to whatever those creatures were that Luke had to fight.


Maybe you were the Chosen One? Maybe you were supposed to destroy Amazon, not buy from them. Maybe you were supposed to bring balance to the free market economy, not leave it lead it in darkness?

I’d say teensy is a gross understatement.

/prepares popcorn

Yet another person encountering such a wonderful (not) experience with EGS:


So, I got bit by Epic Game Store. They locked out a payment method because I use it on "multiple accounts."

Yes, you dorks, it’s called a family…

Seriously, WTF.

— Mark Kern (@Grummz) August 14, 2019

Better than credit card fraud though, ins’t it?