Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

It is fine that you were ignorant of it. It is less fine that a massive company like Epic would be.

Okay, yeah the old games you could do this with. Some of the newer ones seemed designed to kill it. I mean even when discussing intranet these devs talking about signing onto the internet and then… well it’s just not as common as it used to be.

What is totally common today though is multiple people from the same household, couples, marriages, roommates, kids, whatever, all signing into to play games not only with each other but also other people online. In shared financial situations, it would be easily expected that they might use the same credit card for all those accounts because… there is nothing weird, elitist or like extra special privileged about doing that. I know this was a throwaway comment, but again, it also doesn’t require super expensive new computers… old ones are just fine and because of the amount of games, 10 year old computers can certainly be used for new games today and share a credit card just like their shiny new brothers and sisters can.

Has anyone here had the family purchase problem, or are we basing this discussion on the tweet of a stranger?

Yeah, with everything being digital now, games needs it own account/login these days if you want to play together.

And if you ever DO upgrade one machine, it’s not like the old ones explode into flames.

Someone else likely gets them and uses them since they’re an upgrade from what they had before.


Does it even matter when the “problem” is Epic being too vigilant for potential fraud, and can be solved by simply contacting customer support? Capital One once blocked my CC when I was buying a TV because it was an unusual purchase. I called them, confirmed it was me, and finished the transaction. I didn’t question their right to be in business.

People really get upset about the epic store. Don’t question it, just accept that they mean it, and move on.

I dislike the Epic store because I dislike the exclusives. I think having negative feelings about something causes you to find other things to justify that feeling (human nature and all that). There are certain elements of the store I’m not happy about, but this isn’t one of them.


Definitely looks like the kind of person to be making something up because he has a hate-on for Epic.

Who on QT3 is arguing this, especially over poor fraud detection? The response I’m seeing is “Well, this is kind of common so that sucks, they should’ve thought of that”

You leave Brad alone, he’s been hard at work building the Terracotta Army of strawmen in this thread.

The solution is to get each of your (plural) kids their own credit card! Problem solved!

Another danger (besides being a First World sweatshop) is that they could start discriminating/lobbying for other reasons based on whatever whim strikes their fancy. (Some politicians may be receptive to this.) Little evidence of that happening now, of course.

I bet you brought up the Terracotta Army because you hate the Chinese, you racist.

Twitter is known to be a good place for a reasonable, rational discussion.

And you’re completely unbiased, obviously.

And this wasn’t a discussion. It’s a statement. But you know that. Unless you’re saying Mark Kern has a history of publicly lying. But you aren’t cause you would’ve opened with that. You just moved the goal posts once he wasn’t a “stranger” to “well it’s Twitter, so therefore it isn’t real” or some other crap.

If you’re gonna be a shill at least try. Play it off as a growing pain of a new system or something like everyone else does.

Good point. But whiners gonna whine, and some have even fabricated falsities (e.g. Tencent controlling Epic.)

1: I never claimed they made it up. 2. Mark Kern is a pro-GamerGate shitburger. 3. He was apparently a poisonously vile boss at Red9.

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