Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

This is so disingenuous that I can’t respond without getting a message from a mod.
Take your shilling elsewhere. I’m never interacting with you again, have fun with… whatever this is.

Yeah, it’s pretty amazing how people will go to bat for multi-billion dollar corporations. I’m cool with it since it keeps the thread interesting though.

I’m not sure seeing people being berated for letting their kids have their old gaming rigs or being personally insulted is interesting, but to each their own. It’s not hard to find that sort of thing on Twitter without much effort if one wants to.

Quite fair. You have a point, my flippant response didnt make much sense in context of the ongoing conversation.

Give Mark Kern some time, he’s working on it.

This is pretty much a direct insult of another poster, accusing him of posing as a customer to trick others into participating in the epic games store.

Could you maybe knock it off? Thanks in advance.

That’s your line huh, shilling. Not calling another person an “arrogant asshole”, or whiners, or too rich to matter or childless, or some stupid remark about fish breath, Steam fanboi and a host of other things. The line is shill.

It’s such a double standard it’s disgusting. Lunar is getting less than what Lunar and the others supporting Epic in this way have been dishing out.

a person who publicizes or praises something or someone for reasons of self-interest, personal profit, or friendship or loyalty.

You don’t get to pick which definition I was using. And that you picked that as the offensive thing and not him throwing insults at Fishbreath (repeatedly no less) says a lot.

Is this some sort of trick question? Yes, calling other posters shills because we disagree with them is, in fact, a line that I don’t think we should cross.

It says that this thread is so freaking full of unreasonable arguments that I can only be bothered to read about five posts back before giving up. If it will make you feel better I think that Lunarstorm ALSO should not be insulting people, not that him doing it is a good excuse for anyone else doing it too.

And yeah the funny thing about communication is the reader gets to infer the author’s intent, and I think the common understanding echoed by dictionary.com is perfectly reasonable. In 50 years on this green earth this is the first time someone’s said to me “Oh, I called him a shill because he’s so gosh-darned loyal”.

I think this might be another case of needing two threads as in Star Wars:

  • One with Epic Games Store news and information like ‘what are the free games at the moment?’, ‘there’s a sale on!’, and ‘woohoo another exlusive deal has been signed!’
  • The other with posts like ‘oh crap, another exclusive deal has been signed’ and ‘lol they still don’t have a shopping cart’.

And the two parties to sign a blood-pact never to interact with each other ever again, because writing forum posts on the internet actually consumes electricity and the arguments in this thread aren’t really worth that.

Which is a little strange. Prior to the Epic Game Store we were able to criticize and praise Steam in equal parts and have the conversation flow quite naturally. But now if one small sleight is perceived to impact Epic, there will be a reckoning.

I love this.

“Hi, we saw you just announced your awesome looking game on Steam. Can we ask you to break your word and release it with us exclusively instead?”

“No thanks, I do not want to break my word two days after announcement. Can I release my game with you nonexclusively?”

“Nah if we can’t use it to hurt Steam it has not meaning for us and we have no time to deal with you. Kthxbye”

edit: too Snarky so I removed it.

@Paul_cze - we know - its been discussed and linked in this very thread twice.

FFS why are people so angry about all this? its just a game store. if you dont want to use it…dont! and if they have an exclusive you want and for some reason its against our religion to shop there, just wait a year.
Chill out.

I don’t get how this has somehow got added to the serious business pile. It’s a incomplete store selling games that you’ll be able to get in your favorite store next year, and I’m sure nobody’s lacking in games to play until then.

Want to play it now? Add another icon to your desktop and go through their less than ideal process. Sheesh.

Newton’s third law states that for every action there’s an equal and opposing reaction. Except that in this case it takes 50 different people to counter the amount of shilling that the few of you have contributed to this thread.

It’s kind of sad when petulant people feel the need to post about shills and white Knights when discussing a game store.

Then again, it’s kind of sad when people can’t agree that software is shoddy and needs work in places.

So much insecurity all around.

Several of us have bought games on it and, guess what, they are in our library and we can play them. Some people have had issues, as with pretty much every piece of software and online shop out there.

Epic also displays a lack of features that it needs to remedy.

This thread is sad. But it’s obviously one of the big issues worth getting worked up about…

That’s what happens when the arguments in defense of these stores go beyond any and all reason.

Halp! Prices are stuck in Rubles. How do I switch to USD?