Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

So @KevinC, how do you feel about Epic’s Cloud Saves? :-P

Closed up the poll I had going, I’ll do another at the start of the new year.

Haha, their cloud saves sure aren’t consumer friendly!

Pours out a 40 for his lost Fl4k.

Yeah, his argument for “pro-consumer” seemed to be “they added some exclusives people want to play”

Yeah he’s arguing foot traffic somehow means pro-consumer. It’s not the same thing at all, but no one really argued that people wouldn’t buy these games. That’s the whole foot traffic part that comes with exclusives, so long as people want what you have. When, if, they stop the exclusive garbage, then we’ll see.

What’s the annoying blue bar that keeps animating across the top of the window?

It’s tracking the number of posts arguing about the Epic store.

They updated something related to the cloud saves.

Yeah, Borderlands 3 was (and reportedly may still be, after the update) eating cloud saves. Super fun.

That’s a loading bar. It appears in a couple of different places for a few different reasons, but it generally indicates loading.

If by interesting you mean moronic

Epic is anti /worker/, it’s the fact that it’s being more pro-/consumer/ than Valve has ever bothered being that’s what’s got everyone’s underwear twisted up.

Epic might have some issues with Fortnite crunch but I very much doubt that it is “antiworker”, and claiming that Epic is being - right now - more procustomer oriented than Valve is hilariously dumb. (Yes the free games are good, but that is the only thing Epic is has right now that is customer-oriented, as far as store is concerned).

I like free shit. A lot. There’s no possible way for a store to treat me better than giving me free shit I want.

If exclusives are anger inducing, I can understand this stance. But for the gamers who don’t care about exclusivity, who enjoy the curated approach, frequently download the weekly free games, take advantage of sales, etc. saying they’re more pro customer isn’t “hilariously dumb”.

Not nearly just about exclusivity (but yes that is a large part, I do not enjoy having choices taken away from me). The complete lack of functionality compared to Steam and even GOG is the other big part.

That’s fair enough, for me the free games do not outweigh the lack of functionality and choice removal and price increase.

Unless of course you go into a store to buy groceries, and they have no groceries, or the groceries they have are expired and rotting, but they give you a free hat. You want a hat, sure, but you went into the store for groceries. Once you have the free hat, you aren’t likely to go back there because you still need groceries, and they don’t have any.

That… I think that was a terrible analogy.

Because, even if you think of epic as a Grocery store, you aren’t getting a free hat, but free groceries. And none of them are expired. They may not be the ones you want, but that aren’t rotten or expired.

On the other hand, since all the commerce is Digital, nothing is stopping you from going across the street to any of the other grocery stores, be they Origin, Steam, GoG or whatever. They all still exist and are right there as well. So, it’s not like you don’t have options.

Again, I am trying to roll with your analogy, but I find it lacking in so many ways…

Oh, to clarify, I’m not actually talking about the Epic store, just making a jab at the overall logic in what I thought was a funny way. I have no problems with the EGS really, so far. Sorry if it appeared that I was aiming at EGS in particular. I was just struck by the image of going into a store and getting something free, but the store not really having what I wanted in the first place. Or something.

Sorry about that. Nuisance is hard to pick up on in written format sometimes.

My mistake.

Naw, my fault; I should have realized how things would read on a message board. No, so far I am treating EGS like any other store. I go there, I buy stuff, I use it. I have not (yet) been bitten by their cloud save issue, which I agree is a problem they need to fix pronto.

The cloud save thing is shitty. It is probably the most important feature they need to have right.

That and a lack of Linux support are probably the two arguments that are most compelling to me, about why it’s justified to hate on Epic. I personally am not impacted by the lack of Linux support, but I can understand being pissed about games that I could run with Steam, not being available.