Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

We know at least one is.

Hooray for the days when our greatest individual voice is by whatever mega corp we buy stuff from.

My whole life, businesses have given a shit about what mattered to me- so long as I pay them. But I live in Missouri, sir, and I can assure you beyond a shadow of a doubt that my vote is completely worthless.

They just elected a black mayor for the first time in Montgomery, AL. Maybe your vote is worth more than you think?

Dude, if you want to see the happy election of that Mayor as vindication for the system that I see go by every day, more power to you. It sure ain’t coming to me. In any case, I apologize for going off topic and will stop now.

This post is so 2017.

I don’t always pay attention to what is happening in Germany, unless it involves Panzers. Maybe I should.

True, but it also didn’t really affect the entire history of video games either.

Fallout 1 allowed you to minigun down children in 1997, despite it being illegal in Germany. They just had a different version for Germany without kids and some of the gore iirc.

Surviving Mars is free on the Epic Store this week. Next week, Observation and Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

I was looking at the (free) DLC for Surviving Mars and notice you actually can’t look into the details of each one. I can’t click into the DLC, lol.

I had the same problem, so I went and looked it up on Steam.

Epic Game Store has a sale starting today!

Interesting sale, just not a lot that I want to play. I like what I have so far.

Good deal on Control if you’re interested in that. I am, but plan to jump in around fifteen bucks in 9 months.

Right now (I hope it changes) there is not much of a sale regarding their exclusives. I’m interested in Outer Wilds and Ashen.

Very unusual to find a sale on prerelease games on their exclusive site. That’s why their
“$10 off everything” sale was unusually great.

Anyway for Outer WildsWorlds, I got ten bucks off at GMG.

Outer Worlds? ; )

Yeah, that naming is a shame, ain’t it? Outer Wilds was awesome too.

I’m also curious about the pricing of games coming out on Steam that have come out first on Epic. Will they be full priced or available at a discount? I certainly don’t plan on paying full price (or close to it) if I have to wait 6 months to a year to buy it on Steam. And if they aren’t discounted, I plan on waiting longer - at that point, a lot of the release date excitement will be gone and it’s just another game on my backlog/wishlist, no matter how good it is.

I am guessing they could do GOTY editions to make the full price more acceptable when they do hit Steam.
Heck some games will be on the EGS a full year and not even leave early access by the time they will arrive on Steam.

It will depend on each developer. Some will lower the price, others will try to put the same as in release.

Also, you shouldn’t buy games for ‘the release date excitement’ in the first place, but just purely judge the game’s quality and its relation to the price.

It’s something that shocks me of the gaming community, how they have bought in whole hype machine of the industry. People cite hype and excitement as positive values.