Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

You need to buy something >$15 and use the creator tag before 11/18 to get the coupon. Once you get the coupon it’s good through April.

Correct. You must buy a qualifying game and tag a creator by 11/18 to receive a coupon that is valid through 4/2020.

Picked up Superliminal with Brubin’s code. $6.99 seems a more than fair price for an interesting yet flawed Portal clone. I did get the coupon.

Thank you!

Thanks! Use this knowledge responsibly!

Also picked this up with Brian’s code.

Note you can’t use the coupon on pre-purchases so no cheap Wattam until december 17th.

logged into Epic to get my weekly free game, it did some massive update then got a blackscreen.

Then I closed, exited & relaunched.

Now I get this.

Good god Epic.

When your store can’t load, it’s a pretty bad sign.

They still take way too goddamn long to send you a security code. At least they didn’t tell me that I took too long and the code was expired, this time.

the Epic Game Store refund process is a joke. It has been a week, I initiated their refund process for Phoenix Point with their form.

And then I get into a this loop via email…

  1. They want me to verify my Epic account, which I already had already done when I created my account.
  2. They asked me the reason for refund.
  3. They then asked me which game I am refunding… Can’t they read the form they made me submit?
  4. And now… They are asking me for a screenshot! Of the receipt I bought when I got it from their store…

What a mess… It’s a week and 4-5 mails and from my end they look like a bunch of pure amateurs who do not have any customer records…

I am fully expecting their next mail to say “Sorry we are unable to reverse credits into your payment method, and so we will give you credits on our store.” Which basically is useless for me, because I’ll not buy another game from them for a very long time…

Used the store today and it’s fine. Blame your PC.

wow you’re so insightful. Do you do marketing?

Seems like perhaps something where poor connection to the store meant it didn’t fully load the page. Probably the CSS file or something.

Where I currently am unable to access their site at all at the moment.

Nope. I develop software for a living. Random blaming of connectivity glitches or PC issues on companies is inane.

Steam support took weeks to respond to me to deny my refund for Legends of Pegasus.

My refunds on Steam took some time. But all I needed was a single submission.

I don’t mind if software glitches out during a connectivity issue, but it should do so somewhat gracefully and recover afterwards.

Yeah. Having to wait a while for a refund to progress is one thing. But a multi step process that seems more likely to make you give up on the refund is not the way to go. Epic need to improve that.

I did SW development for 15+ years and managed for another 15. My PC is about as bland as they come, not too old and not very custom.

The app worked last week just fine. The update killed it. I blame the developers / Quality control.

The best part? The app is so broken, I can’t even use it to request support! How glorious! Talk about an epic fail.

A better refund process is coming with the CART update. I thought I saw it on their roadmap.

Theoretically I can say it will be out next decade and be correct. ;)

You’re not running a pi hole or some other ad blocking thing that might have blacklisted some of Epic’s servers, are you?