Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I am talking about their user conversion rate. You’re talking about price earned item offered sort of thing… They’re different, quiet different, but I wouldn’t say the later is less important.

Well, they slowly got me in the habit of checking the store every week to see the free game. So even though they didn’t have my info yet, they got it eventually when Rebel Galaxy Outlaw hit. But even if it hadn’t, they would have gotten it eventually because of the fantastic sales.

I like the no-pressure sales pitch of “here, have a free game if you come look at our store once a week”.

I got the free Mutant Year Zero there. I’m trapped to that Epic Store version if I want the DLC right?

Yeah, unlike before games where digital, you could buy expansion packs from anyone you wanted.

These days, you are locked in with whatever service offers the game.

It’s the one reason why I never bought games from GoG.

GOG has no DRM though? But expacs bought elsewhere cheaper have expectation and drm of only working for base game of that version.

They don’t save the info, though, unless you check the box I think. I do that for a variety of reasons, one of which is to make me think twice about impulse purchases!

I feel like this ship has long sailed, with Humble Bundles and ridiculous Steam Sales.

Some of this momentum has shifted: Steam sales aren’t as crazy due to no flash sales, and bundle sites aren’t having as easy of a time getting games. However, the supply of Indie games is still out of control, so all the Indies that don’t sell as well (which is most of them) are still super eager to give away their product to get exposure, or to just secure some deal somewhere (Epic, gamepass etc).

Hmm. I bought Control, Metro Exodus, World War Z, Phoenix Point, Anno 1800, Borderlands 3, & Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Let alone a ton of freebies.

WWZ was a PITA to add friends. There was an Epic bug, but they resolved it in short order. I guess Metro Exodus didn’t launch w/ cloud saves, but they were patched in well before it would have mattered in my case.

Anyway, worked great for me all year. I could not care less about Steam value-adds. I still use Steam for friend lists, but will happily use Epic or whatever store sells a game i’m interested in. Steam and/or EA Origin exclusives never bothered me, nor do Epic exclusives.

The friends list is a value-add item.

If it went away, guess what? And zero impact on where I buy games.

Well you use it so you obviously care about it. I made no comment about how much you care about it. It’s just silly to talk about how you don’t value any of the Steam value-add items (your words) and then list you actually use one. Nothing makes you use it today with Epic, but you still clearly do.

I didn’t say I didn’t ever use any did I?

I use plenty of expedient things, but Discord has usurped Steam’s usefulness on that front.

Why would you use something you don’t value or couldn’t care less about? Hey, it’s fine to like Epic, but it’s kind of silly to dismiss features Steam has… while you use them. That’s all.

I mean you don’t have to use Steam’s Friend list while using Steam, and you certainly don’t need it up while in Epic.

I like Steam too! I guess in Epic hater terms…for evil-Steam exclusives it’s a necessary evil?

I mean I use Microsoft Word, but I’m fine with Google Docs. Do I care about Microsoft Word?

I use Google Docs and Word as well for different features. But as I use Google Docs, I don’t tell everyone I couldn’t care less about VLOOKUP as I literally use VLOOKUP.

Find the Word vs Docs thread and I’m sure folks will eat that up!

I imagine we’re arguing on the semantic, microscopic no man’s land that lies between caring zero amount and not being able to care less.

WordPerfect 5.1 for life, shitbonerz

So what you’re saying is you actually value a value-add on item Steam supports, so it’s not really true that you “could not care less about Steam value-adds.” Valuing Steam in any capacity, and/or the features they offer certainly doesn’t mean you have to dislike Epic though.

I’m pretty certain I could not care less about the feature in the glaringly obvious context in my post of which store I purchase games from. Yes, I am certain. Feel free to PM me to debate semantics further.