Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I probably spent nearly $100 there the past year, mostly heavily discounted games.

Edit: Just added up the receipts, I spent just under two hundred dollars at Epic.

Fornite is a real game. It’s one of if not the biggest games on the planet. There are more than kids just playing that game, and there are number of people who pay for content. I mean real life, not at all fake gamers play Fornite. They gave Epic their credit card a long time ago. They trust that company. They use their software, and in theory, there should’ve been some real value to gaining access to that group. It’s not really being seen with those numbers though.

I didn’t say it wasn’t a real game, but it’s such a cultural phenomenon that it pulled in many people that never play anything else, other than the current F2P FOTM.

The estimate is 250 million people. I am go out on the limb and say there are several just your average typical gamers in that number. Qt3 slants a little… well I wouldn’t expect as many here but there are probably some.

Looks at account. Nope, no CC information there, although the account already existed for Shadow Complex, if that matters.

Oh you can get free games without giving them your credit card or paypal or whatever? That was probably a mistake.

I believe they also have Fortnite gift cards which are fairly easily acquired options too.

Fortnite definitely has a group that doesn’t play other games, but a group that size, it’s definitely overlapping gamers that play other games. Many of those do not appear to be buying games in Epic based on those numbers.

Right, they’re either not core gamers or they’re console gamers.

I guess that is why I don’t notice it then. I don’t care about the Steam overlay, I’m not even sure what you mean by Steam Input, I don’t think I’d notice if cloud sync is being used or not. I don’t really use the workshop.

I launch all my games from a program called playnite anyway so other than to go purchase a game I never really have Steam or the Epic Store open.

Is it really low? Or is it more a function of the number of games that they have for sale? Remember, they’re not trying to sell every game out there, it’s a curated shop. Based upon this site:

Epic Exclusives 2019

there are about 90 or so Epic exclusives. If I take the $251MM and divide by 90 that’s $2.8MM in revenue per exclusive game in 2019 (are they selling non-exclusives also?). Is that good, bad, indifferent? Some of those games should be selling multiples of that, but some smaller games would be less. Does this average tell us anything?

Yeah, I’ve purchased two games (RDR II and Borderlands 3 + DLC) and each time used Paypal with a one-off “don’t save my data” approach. Still can just go grab all the free games no problem.

Oh sure. I use paypal also. It’s making a first payment that commits you to a store, not necessarily giving your credit card.

I am talking about their user conversion rate. You’re talking about price earned item offered sort of thing… They’re different, quiet different, but I wouldn’t say the later is less important.

Well, they slowly got me in the habit of checking the store every week to see the free game. So even though they didn’t have my info yet, they got it eventually when Rebel Galaxy Outlaw hit. But even if it hadn’t, they would have gotten it eventually because of the fantastic sales.

I like the no-pressure sales pitch of “here, have a free game if you come look at our store once a week”.

I got the free Mutant Year Zero there. I’m trapped to that Epic Store version if I want the DLC right?

Yeah, unlike before games where digital, you could buy expansion packs from anyone you wanted.

These days, you are locked in with whatever service offers the game.

It’s the one reason why I never bought games from GoG.

GOG has no DRM though? But expacs bought elsewhere cheaper have expectation and drm of only working for base game of that version.

They don’t save the info, though, unless you check the box I think. I do that for a variety of reasons, one of which is to make me think twice about impulse purchases!

I feel like this ship has long sailed, with Humble Bundles and ridiculous Steam Sales.

Some of this momentum has shifted: Steam sales aren’t as crazy due to no flash sales, and bundle sites aren’t having as easy of a time getting games. However, the supply of Indie games is still out of control, so all the Indies that don’t sell as well (which is most of them) are still super eager to give away their product to get exposure, or to just secure some deal somewhere (Epic, gamepass etc).