Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Changing the functionality of a product they sold as having it, or to be less friendly, killing it’s main functionality for many costumers.

Just buy a different costume dude

Most of the things I’ve bought on Epic have been disappointments. I’m starting to view the service as cursed.

I’ve only bought 3 games and 2 of them were big let downs. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw was pretty cool though.

What were the letdowns and why?

Phoenix Point: Just… what? I think I hate everything about it. Neat idea, but the execution is terrible.
It was a chance I took so doesn’t bother me too much though it was really a let down on many levels to me.

Outer Worlds: After hitting a bug that murdered Pavarti when I was really into it, my desire to play it withered and nothing has gotten me back in. The bug being fixed didn’t work for my save file, so… blah. Probably the source of the “cursed” feeling. A game I should love and then I never got anywhere with it.

Now with OW my big issue that I wouldn’t have had so much on Steam? Updates. Let’s say I owned Outer Worlds on Steam. Had this bug. I could go to the discussion, find out I had the bug, lament things and then… wait for an update, visible from my Library telling me when it was fixed. On Epic? I guess I gotta go to Twitter and hope Obsidian posts something I see. Wait for it to detect an update and hope that update fixed my problem, I guess? No way to know since I can’t easily see what is going on.

Not Epics fault per se, but an example of where their crappy system annoyed me. And I was already really annoyed that the game I was enjoyed got shot in the head suddenly on me. It’s more a me problem than anything, but it’s pretty rare that this sort of bug kills me enjoyment of a game so completely. Having to go to Reddit to find out what is going on is also a pain and just added to the already bad mood I was in from the bug happening in the first place.

It should’ve been a game I loved, but instead I can’t even think about it without getting annoyed. Those hours of frustration and confusion stick with me. I was playing it from release so it was quite a while before people even really understood what was going on. At that point I’d checked out.

I had that bug too and of course only discovered it hours after the fact with no savegame prebug available (not that I would go back). But since I found the game kinda…mediocre anyway, I just pressed on and finished it without caring about doing that quest. But yeah I agree OW is a bit of a letdowny game.

My single biggest pet peeve with epic, NO WISHLIST. You want me to care about what your selling allow me someway to come back and remind me of the stuff I found interesting digging through your unintuitive interface and search!

Not taken seriously, till we see at least that.

To be fair, it took PSN years to get a wishlist, and it took Xbox Store even longer to finally get a wishlist. So it must be a really hard feature to implement!

Makes you wonder, I mean GMG and Humble Store and Fantatical all have wishlists and they are just key reseller stores.

Those stores aren’t relying on free games and exclusives at the expense of everything else to draw customers.

IsThereAnyDeal.com may be able to monitor Epic for you and tell you when a wishlisted item is on sale.

Epic has less frequent sales and less comprehensive sales when they do happen.

Although they do have better sales, I would argue.

Quiet in here for quite awhile! Seems Kingdom Come is this weeks upcoming EGS giveaway.

Seems PC gamer has been keeping great track of all the free releases to date!

Yep, so I was rather surprised when I got a notification from steam that it was on sale over there for 50% off… Guess the studio is trying to get some last sales before millions of free copies are in the wild?

Well, some people refuse to use Epic, so there must be some audience.

boy, there are too many game stores around! Why? I was replaying Limbo on Xbox One and thought, hey, they did make a follow-up, Inside. I was not sure if I had it already, but could not find it on Steam, PS4, PS3, Gog, HumbleStore, Switch … well, guess I need to buy it on a sale later. Then today it clicked, I checked Epic and here it was, owning it already! I think it was a freebie sometime last year. Now I am happy, but really, it is getting harder and harder to check/find the game you want to play …

Well, in GOG Galaxy you should have found it with the new version, if you have added your other accounts!

It’s really easy to find on Steam, too.

Great, but that won’t help me find the right Mass Effect 2.