Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

Well, in GOG Galaxy you should have found it with the new version, if you have added your other accounts!

It’s really easy to find on Steam, too.

Great, but that won’t help me find the right Mass Effect 2.


Newbrof already looked on Steam and didn’t find it. It was only when he checked the Epic store did he find it he owned it there. TurinTur was saying if he’d done the automatic import in GoG Galaxy 2.0, it would have been on there. I don’t think Steam has importer where you put the logins for the other stores, right?

Yes, over the holidays I ended up buying Overcooked on Steam just to play some co-op with my nephew. Then realized the next day that I already had it for free on Epic. Anyway, the free game did not make me any worse off, so can’t complain too much :-P

yeah, I meant could not find it in my steam library, it is in the steam shop.

Galaxy 2.0 is it good? Need to check that out and enter my accounts.

Well, I installed it and it seems to integrate other platforms reasonably well, though Uplay doesn’t work and as thats the platform I have the most games on, Galaxy fails for me.

Galaxy 2.0 is fine but it is a resource hog. I personally prefer playnite over Galaxy. Both are free so I’d recommend getting both and see which you prefer as they each have their own pros/cons.

Nice! Kingdom Come and Aztez free this week!

Does anyone else get Manowar stuck in their heads every single time that game is mentioned? Every. Single. Time. Just me? Okay.

Is it me or is the install dialog missing how large of a download is needed for installing something?

The download pane for updates seems to be obtuse as well with no way to switch order.

Epic has a sale going on, including The Outer Wilds for $20. If you have a $10 coupon left over from the prior sale than that should bring it down to $10.

Sale link!


Dang, wish I did have a coupon left over, I would totally grab Hades for $10.

I have a coupon, and that is super tempting. Also Hades, though I am certain I will never beat Meg.

I’d like Hades too, but something that I will likely replay a lot I’d prefer it on steam. Games that are one and done I’m less picky.

Out of curiosity why is this? It seems highly unlikely Epic would shut down in the next year or 2. With the coupon you’d be getting Hades for $10. Worst case scenario you buy Hades now on Epic, play it over the next year or 2, IF Epic was to shut down AND you still wanted to play it, it will probably be $5-10 on a steam sale by then. Heck, this type of game probably ends up in a $1-$5 humble bundle tier before then.

Mostly just convenience. I do usually add non-Steam games to my Steam library to help keep track, but it’s easier if it’s just on Steam. Also, Hades seems like one of the rare games that I may pay more attention to achievements to give me some more directed goals at some point. Not a huge deal, but just a preference.

You can add most UWP/MS Store apps to Steam using:


Hmmm, interesting. I did try to add them at some point and when it didn’t work figured I couldn’t.