Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I have a coupon, and that is super tempting. Also Hades, though I am certain I will never beat Meg.

I’d like Hades too, but something that I will likely replay a lot I’d prefer it on steam. Games that are one and done I’m less picky.

Out of curiosity why is this? It seems highly unlikely Epic would shut down in the next year or 2. With the coupon you’d be getting Hades for $10. Worst case scenario you buy Hades now on Epic, play it over the next year or 2, IF Epic was to shut down AND you still wanted to play it, it will probably be $5-10 on a steam sale by then. Heck, this type of game probably ends up in a $1-$5 humble bundle tier before then.

Mostly just convenience. I do usually add non-Steam games to my Steam library to help keep track, but it’s easier if it’s just on Steam. Also, Hades seems like one of the rare games that I may pay more attention to achievements to give me some more directed goals at some point. Not a huge deal, but just a preference.

You can add most UWP/MS Store apps to Steam using:


Hmmm, interesting. I did try to add them at some point and when it didn’t work figured I couldn’t.

Epic Games Launcher has no way to point it to an existing installation/download like Steam, Uplay and Origin do.

You CAN trick it by starting the download so it creates the folder, pausing the download and then EXITING the launcher entirely. Then replace the folder with the contents of the downloaded one and it -should- be forced to verify instead of redownloading the whole thing.

I checked the store page yesterday and they’re giving away a game called “Inner Space” for one more day. I added it to my library even though I find the idea of a game with this kind of pastel color scheme to be offensive to my senses. I’ll probably never install it. How can you have a game with space in the name and make “space” so ugly with these pastel colors?

Still, that’s all very subjective of course. I had a friend in college, she absolutely loved pastels. She would have loved this aesthetic.

Now MS Store remains the single shitty system where you are forced to redownload every tome you reinstall instead of being able to point to a backup. Even unofficially like in Epic’s case.

Looks like epic pulled Paranoia: Happiness is Mandatory from their lineup. Went their to buy it, and it was gone.

This weeks and next weeks free games are:

cool, I don’t own any of those except Offworld

Very cool. I haven’t heard of the others, but Offworld Trading Company and A Short Hike got a few compliments in the Game of the Decade thread so I’m very curious about those two.

Oh yeah, A Short Hike is a tremendous little game from last year. Anodyne 2 got an IGF grand prize nod, too, I believe. And I have been playing Mutazione on Apple Arcade and it’s a very pleasant story game. A “mutant soap opera,” I think they call it.

I heard talking positively of the 3 weeks for next week.


Wow that was fast. Playstation and Xbox took years to add wishlists. How did Epic do it so quickly?

Sacraficing babies to demons and drinking the blood.

kidding - I don’t have major issue with Epic

Now, for a real trick they should make it so that if you buy a game, it automatically gets removed from your wishlist. I know PSN and Xbox wishlists don’t do that, and I don’t think Steam wishlists do that either, do they?

Steam game purchases / key activation’s do indeed remove the game from your Steam wishlist. :)