Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

It makes me wonder what would be different in terms of their market share / perception if they hadn’t gone the exclusive route and instead relied only on the free giveaways and their $10 coupon sales to drive traffic?

They would probably have been as irrelevant as the Steam key resellers with big launch discounts like GMG.

So really giving away free games is the take away, has nothing really to do with the Epic games store itself. Developers and publishers certainly don’t need Epic to give away free games; they never have. But being paid for free game giveaways… so Epic is good for a check. Newsflash at 10.

That could be. I think they’re in a different position than GMG, though, just given the number of eyeballs on the store thanks to Fortnite and the fact that they’re giving away weekly games as opposed to just discounts. You might be right and we’ll never know, but if I could roll back the simulation I’d love to tweak that one setting just to see what changes, if anything.

For comparison, GOG has single digit market share.

Surely EGS is the same if we would remove Fortnite from the equation.

I totally see what they did there. Judging by the problems downloading some free games (e.g. the recent GTA fiasco), not very many people will be able to download it within 24 hrs anyway. :)

Is that a single title collection or a bundle? EGS doesn’t do bundles.

Seems like a single application collection:

I accidentally posted the following to the Steam thread, was supposed to go here :-P

Overcooked seems like a disappointing follow-up to GTA V and Civ 6, especially since Epic has given Overcooked away for free before. They maybe didn’t think this “mystery game” hype all the way through

(Funny story: last Christmas I was at my sisters, and thought that it might be fun to play some Overcooked with my nephew. Which I was absolutely sure I owned, but Steam claimed otherwise. So I bought a new copy for like 5 CHF. Only a week later did I realize I owned it on Epic. The free games really seem to have no value, even when they’re games that I actually want to play.)

I understand that happening.

I have been meaning to get off of steam as my go to for checking games. GoG has galaxy, and the other one is Playnite, correct? I should install those.

Playnite is awesome and the developer is active on discord. You can also create your own custom themes for Playnite or download one someone else has created.

I think I have an old copy from a while back. I will update it and use it again.

I think something like Playnite is the best thing that can happen for Epic and other non steam stores.

It’s very good. But – you still have to have those other launchers installed and running for the most part. You’re just using one launcher to manage them. If those other launchers are crappy and buggy, your experience will still be hampered.

I ended up with 5 copies of a game across various PC libraries - fortunately most were free. I’ve started checking my library via https://Playnite.link before I buy anything to avoid double dipping.

I noticed Disco Elysium is now on Epic, and it’s on sale for $29.99 (the sale goes to Thursday). So if I use an Epic Coupon on it, it’s only $20. Hmmm.

Nice catch, bought. Of course, now expect it to be free there pretty soon.

I just bought “Among Trees” for like $7 after it auto applied my $10 coupon for me, thats really cool. Giving me extra savings after the launch discount plus all the free games.

Feels pretty good I have to say.

Game if anyone is interested. Not sure how it plays yet though.

I bought Among the Trees too and put in about two hours with my daughter. We got to day 5 and started upgrading our shelter. The chill vibe is nice and exploration is fun. We stumbled upon blueprints and map hints in out of the way places. Devs say there is no hunting, but there is fishing. Right now, we’re eating a lot of mushrooms and just cooked our first beet stew.

The $10 coupon is great and you should have earned another one from this purchase. Their coupon page said purchases thru June 18 keep getting coupons!


Easy. Click on the ‘GET MY EPIC COUPON’ above. If you don’t click on the button above, you will automatically receive your first $10 Epic Coupon when you claim your first FREE game or when you make your first eligible purchase between May 14 and June 18. Note: if your first purchase during this period is an eligible purchase of a game or add-on $14.99 and above, the coupon will be automatically applied for that purchase, and you will receive an additional coupon that you can use on your next eligible purchase.

Thanks for pointing that out! I need a relaxing game right now. Plus, it auto-applies that $10 coupon and then gives you another.