Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I’ve only played a bit (waiting for EA to be done), but it seems promising.

Damn. I was waiting to see if Tony Hawk would be part of the Halloween sale. Looks like I will probably go ahead and use my coupon for it.

Same here, I played it a bit, and now I’m putting is aside for a while waiting for it to be out of EA (they’ve already made a bunch of major changes and I suspect there will be more).

I quite like it. It is mechanically very similar to Slay the Spire (which I played for approximately a million hours), but the actual card abilities are very different and so it makes for a different game. Plus you manage your reputation with the other characters in the world to get bonuses. Klei always does a great job (even if I don’t always end up enjoying the games they make), but if you’re into Slay-the-Spire type games, I’d recommend it.

Even if you are not into Slay the Spire games, this is different enough, that someone like me who doesnt get why Slay the Spire is popular, really enjoy Griftlands.

Glad to hear it has a wider appeal :)

Yeah - I don’t even have any particular reasons why I don’t like Slay the Spire (I’d love to, actually, but I never could get into it), but I found this extremely intriguing and interesting from the get go. It’s been a while though since I tried it, so many things could have changed since early days.

Phantom brigade hits early access… interested, but not THAT interested…IF someone gets it please share what you think…

GUYS! GUYS!! Elite Dangerous is FREE today on EGS!!

There’s a workaround: signing in via some other identity provider does not prompt for a captcha on Epic’s side. I was using Google, but I assume all the other options are the same. You’ll just need to log in once the hard way to associate some other identity provider with the Epic account.

And yes, having now seen how this particular captcha works, it’s badly implemented. It’s clearly there to deal with credential stuffing by having it between password entry and password verification. But they’re using the captcha on every login rather than just risky logins, which is kind of crazy.

Is this every time you guys boot up Epic? I haven’t had to do that once. I just open it, just like Steam. No login, or anything.

I’ve figured out that the number of Captchas I have to do is related to which server I’m connected to on my VPN. If I turn my VPN off, I have to do zero Captchas. If I have it set to a server in Florida, I have to do 10, sometimes more. If I connect one in Houston, it won’t even give me Captchas, it just refuses to work. If I connect to Chicago, I only have to about 3 Captchas.

And Razgon, this is only when trying to claim their free game or to buy a game.

Same here.

Yep! I don’t need it as I already have it, but grabbed it anyways to send a few more bucks to Frontier courtesy of Epic.

The web client (which I usually use for claiming free games) seems to require a new login after a couple of weeks of inactivity. And I’ve been booted out of the desktop client twice this year.

But seems like I misinterpreted what people were complaining about, if there are also captchas for claiming the games. I’ve never seen that.

So, using my browser I created a quick Epic account and grabbed Elite Dangerous while it was free. However, I don’t see any way to actually download and play it. Do you have to install some Epic client to do that? I thought you could just download the games and play them without anything like that.

Yes, you need to install the client.


Is there any digital distribution platform that doesn’t require a client to download and install, other than GOG? Serious question. I’d like to patronize them.

Itch.io you can download directly from the website

I wonder if they’ll offer another $10 discount coupon?