Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

That’s a lot of free Battlefront games to give away. I know people complain about Epic, and I don’t know the pro and con arguments, but I have a bunch of free games from them so thanks for that, at least.

I’ve been playing and enjoying Solitairia (sic) the last few days. Fun game, but maybe a bit too much RNG for my taste to solve it. Free from Epic, so cool.

Mark, the key with Solitairica is really finding ways to mitigate that randomness, whether by turtling, damaging cards, altering cards, peeking/revealing hidden cards/etc.

Look for ways to extend card streaks as long as possible (E.g. randomizing cards). That will give you plenty of gold to buy spells and items with.

There is a lot of randomness. You can absolutely get massively screwed, especially at the very start of battles, but I love it regardless.

The best card I’ve seen is the one for $120 that reveals the second row of cards. I can get long card runs with that and have more money than I can spend.

My strategy with a deck is to unlock the extra slots for the boosts (stuff like +2 energy, etc) so I have more of those.

It does seem like near the end the RNG plays a major role. The deepest run I’ve had was two from the end. The last trio of baddies seem so tough you do need a bit of luck to beat them. Bad luck dooms you and good luck may get you through.

Fun game though. I like these card games that are quick and you win or lose in 30 minutes.

I always make it a point to get one of the trampoline/mirror type abilities before you hit that last stretch. There’s one guy in particular that will occasionally use an attack that is liable to one-shot you otherwise.

Hah. 30 minutes. I’ve spent hours on a run. I’m so slow 🤪

I enjoyed Solitairica, but the animations are aggravatingly slow even on “fast” mode.


There are now over 160 million Epic Games Store PC users. Daily active users are up 192% to 31.3 million daily active players, with a peak CCU 13 million concurrent players this year (up from 7M in 2019). Monthly active users in December rose from 32 million in 2019 to 56 million.

This surge in player growth has also led to an increase in purchasing and play time! In 2020, PC customers on the Epic Games Store spent over $700M of which third party games represented 37% at $265M. Last year, the Epic Games Store community played 70% more hours with a total playtime of 5.70 billion hours in 2020 compared to 3.35 billion hours in 2019.

Well sure, they gave away a metric shitton of free games. Real question is profits, not revenue. I suspect profits remain sharply negative.

700 million, 37% on third party games. That basically means everything but Fortnite right?
That’s 265 million spent on other games… by those 160 million PC users. $1.65 per user.

Wasn’t it around $2 per last year?

But I’m guessing a decent chunk of those 160 million users are Fortnite players so the real number to lookout would be how much non Fortnite players are spending per year. That would bring the $1.65 up.

So Epic made 32 million USD in profit from third party digital games during a pandemic year. I wonder how much they paid for exclusivities and free games, but I doubt they would be in the black, without Fortnite subsidizing it. It does not seem like their strategy is particularly successful, as far as converting free-game-people into paying customers goes.

And I doubt that will change for as long as actual service - EGS client and platform - is so utterly, vastly inferior to its competition.

Given our best understanding of Epic’s exclusivity contracts is that they are minimum revenue guarantees, assuming they managed to pick winners, there would have been no cost. The freebies are harder to reason about (indie games that have been out for years probably cost nothing, launch day freebie on a Total War game must have been a pretty penny). And there is no hint on what those deals look like. I think the place where they would have lost the most money is the $10 coupons.

That said, they did not make 32M after paying the devs, since it is Epic who has to pay the variable costs like credit card fees, hosting, etc. IIRC the estimate was that about half of Epic’s cut went to cover that. Definitely losing money.

Anyway, the part that should worry them is that the third party revenue basically did not grow vs. 2019. Making a loss at this point is fine, even expected. Not growing by at least 50% is really bad. Not growing at all while the competitors grow massively due to the pandemic. That is a disaster.

I wonder how much was given away in the form of $10 dollar sale coupons

For the King is available for free now. It is a very enjoyable board game-ish party based rogue-lite with significant FreeLC.

Metro: Last Light is free too.

Was For the King a previous giveaway? I seem to already have a copy and I don’t remember buying it.

I believe so, since I already owned it and wouldn’t have purchased it on Epic.

Must have been. I was surprised to see I have it on the Epic as well. Didn’t have the Metro game, though. One more for the pile that will probably never get played.

Looks like For the King was free on April 23, 2020. I’ve bought…two games? (Hades, Griftlands) on Epic store but I claim the freebies regularly, so whenever I see “Bought” on the Epic store buttons I think “oh I also got this for free”. Having so many free games is doing weird things for my game playing prioritisation - I feel like I should try to play the games that I’m paying for on Xbox GamePass but does this mean I’m missing out on great games that just happen to be given away??? Game Backlog Confusion ++++

On the game note, I’m only partway through a run that I started on GamePass before I realised I owned it - it’s fun and cute, but roguelike so I’m currently stressed about continuing it because I’ve actually gotten pretty far along and I don’t want to mess it up? But the longer I wait the more likely I’ll totally crash and burn the second I start it up because I’ve forgotten how it works. And I’ll lose all the unlocks when it leaves GamePass and grrr… Does Epic have cloud saves?