Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

We also like shopping carts.

No one likes shopping carts.

So for the store within the store, do both stores get a separate cut, or the inter/outer store only gets a cut, or do they share the same normal cut equally/unequally?

I like shopping carts

If I had to guess, Epic isn’t bothering to take a cut from Itch.

Hell, there are plenty of games in my library where Epic didn’t even take a cut from Epic!

Me too but only Aldi shopping carts. You put a quarter in and you get a cart! You return the cart you get your quarter back! So cool :-)

Shopping carts are amazing.

Shopping carts are bae.

The only itchio stuff I have is that charity bundle. Is there a way for me to link my account to access (and search!) the games from that bundle on Epic?

It’s the same app as the one you download on the itch.io site. So yes, it has all the same functionality and access to your library. With that charity bundle though, as far as I can see you can only add games through the website by adding each one individually.

Strawberry Festival, and my hometown’s shopping cart drill.

What is this strange ceremony your people are performing?

Hey, I recognize that corner!

For anyone who clicks that idle champions freebie and wants to play it:

  • You have to log in right now.

  • Bookmark this link and put all the codes in for free stuff:
    Combinations - Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Wiki (fandom.com)
    Save the electrum and patron chests for now.

  • Play the current event up to level 50 in each hero-unlocking scenario.
    These events happen every three weeks with rotating heroes.

  • Every third week is a “free timegate” that lets you unlock a retired hero.

  • Try to work towards unlocking the global blessings in campaigns.
    First tier in all except Icewind, second tier in Kelemvor.

I installed and played a bit of the idle champions game. Weirdly addicting.

I certainly play various idle games on my phone from time to time. Usually I’ll play one daily until I get it the point where it’s pay to play. Or I’ll just tire of messing with it for the ever smaller returns. Then I’ll grab another and tinker with it for a month or so. Enjoyable but totally a time waste when on a boring bridge at work or just killing time waiting. I just can’t imagine futzing around with one on a computer when there are so many other real games I could be playing. Or why you wouldn’t just play it on your phone so you would always have it with you. Obviously plenty of people disagree with me and play these f2p things on there pc. I just don’t fathom why.

My brother does them on PC. Auto clickers and scripting.

I actually played this one on Playstation instead, but just when I wanted a break from a “real” game or couldn’t decide what to watch on Netflix.

Aaah, that sort of makes sense then. If your stuck at the pc but want a brain break. Cool