Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

What about Recent? - oh that is just recently played I guess.

Yeah, recent is no good.

Still no achievements outside of Ark and a couple of other test titles.

Shopping Cart still in development!

If they keep giving us $10 coupon, I don’t want a shopping cart.

And if they stop giving us $10 coupon, I possibly don’t want a shopping cart then either.

Do Shopping Carts encourage selling a game piece meal style, with tiny DLCs for everything?

Here is a case where a shopping cart is useful.

At some point Epic gave away Railway Simulator for free. I wanted to pick up all the DLC expansions. I then realized that would mean making like 9 small charge transactions in a row and possibly having my bank raise a flag at that activity.

I ended up just buying all of it on Steam where the purchasing experience is better.

Since that time the Devs added a Complete DLC Bundle SKU which would have addressed my issue, but it wasn’t present at the time I looked. This is certainly an edge case, but an example that drove me to another store.

DLC purchasing on Epic is generally subpar unless the title has bundled SKUs. I miss the ‘Add all DLC to cart’ feature from Steam.

So, what you are saying is that the Shopping Cart is partially responsible for the DLC hellscape we are currently in?

And that is a good thing?

Come on, Lego. You’re really on one today. :)

I dont really draw a connection between the presence of a shopping cart having any meaningful correlation/causation with DLC quantity.

Shopping carts make large quantities of DLC easier to manage, but I don’t see it pushing publishers to piecemeal further.

Yeah, this was more tongue in cheek then anything else.

But, DLCs, I still don’t know where I stand with them. I usually wait for a game of the year edition, so I grab everything at once. I hate idea that I might be missing something, no matter how small, from an experience.

I think you’ve got a lot of company in feeling that way!

DLC has totally discouraged me from buying certain games because there’s just too much of it, such as Total War Warhammer 2.

Lego has successfully changed the topic from EGS lacks features, to DLC sucks.

EGS definitely does lack features, but most of them I don’t care about. User reviews I most certainly do, though. It’s a pain when a game is EGS only to find out what the user consensus is.

There are features that EGS should have.

There are features that EGS only needs to have because Steam offers them, and so they are no longer being offered independently.

Things like the Workshop, the message board and guides are things I would prefer to have tied to the game, rather then the store, but in today’s age, that ship might have sailed.

Yeah right, the last time I signed up to a forum based on a single game was in like 1999.

Heh, now that you mention it I think I last did that with the then current X-Tension for X: Beyond the Frontier. Egosoft still has those forums up.

And good riddance. Each one is another vector for hackers to steal email/password combinations. Not so much an issue now with password managers making it easier to have unique passwords everywhere, but I do not missing having to register and sign up for an account for every single game I play. Especially when I just have a technical support kind of question.

Same holds true when answering a technical support question. If it’s a forum I’m already on it’s easy to pop in and answer a question. If I see some rando’s question, I’m not going to take the 10 minutes to set up a new account and go through all the verification steps just so I can answer. There’s a reason Steam forums pop up so often when I google an issue I’m having with a game.