Epic Games Store - 88% split goes to devs

I assumed that everyone used discord or some other outside service.

I mean, with Steam it’s click and joined. From listening to kiddo and friends trying to coordinate getting into a particular server or peer-to-peer thing with Discord, unless its a game with its own matchmaking/lobby service, it’s a bunch of bullshit and troubleshooting by folks that don’t know a damn thing about networks :-)

I don’t leave 'em hanging, mind. I do try to explain why dude in Ohio giving someone in Florida a 192...* IP to connect to ain’t gonna work.

Are we talking about setting up games or setting up voice?

Because, for Voice, for the QT3 RTs tournament and Comp Stomp, it was all done through Discord. Even if Steam was available, Discord was usually the better option.

For the game itself, that usually was done through steam, but we couldn’t do that for Logan or other older games, but the effort was usually straightforward thanks to services like Voobly.

I assume with games like Spellforce 3 that are both on Epic and Steam, you would use EOS to find and connect with people, because EOS is crossplatform.

I probably had wires crossed. I interpreted it as using the chat/social features to arrange a game.

It’s not a experience I have ever had, but maybe it’s more common with other people.

HAH! I’d never come across that video, but I relate SO well to it - thanks!

That video. Dark mode for life.

Today Epic Games released its Epic Games Store 2021 Year in Review report that said consumer spending was $840 million last year.

The figure represents an increase of 20% year-over-year for the digital storefront.

The report goes on to say that third party titles made up 36% of last year’s sales as they amassed more than $300 million in revenue.

In addition to gains in revenue the Epic Games Store also grew in terms of users.

The digital store front saw an increase of 34 million PC users throughout 2021, it now has a total of 194 million users.

In terms of activity, the Epic Games Store peaked at 31.3 million active users daily, while its concurrent users reached 13.2 million.

Very little interest here in their raw revenue or user count. News flash, Epic is buying customers with free games.

The most important part is the $300M in third party games. 13% YOY growth. That’s… very moderate increase i guess? I say that because gaming in general surely is bigger now, so it isn’t like they are having a bigger piece of the pie.

They are also buying customers with just plain old money via their $10 coupons - which are back in the sale (that just started?)

Yeah, Lunar new year sale

$10 coupons are back? Gimme!

Not in en-US, at any rate.

I was there for the free Daemon X Machina - the giveaways are working, it only took a couple years and now I’ve actually bought a couple things on the store so I guess my mind has accepted their presence in the digital marketplace. And I guess their exclusives strategy is working since I think all my money purchases are Epic exclusives…(Hades, Griftlands, Beast Breakers, Hitman 3, Slipways) I think in my head I would nowadays buy wherever it is cheapest, but I think cheaper is still Steam if you’re willing to wait.

Looks like you need to be subscribed to their newsletter for the coupon this time.

If you subscribed to their newsletter (e.g. you needed to sign up to get the $10 coupon during the last sale) already it’ll eventually appear under your coupons (I saw it by the time I was done identifying bikes to claim the weekly game).
Although Capchas are a bit tacky to have in your store - I guess I do understand they go under heavy load and … free games - Daemon X machina is still pretty expensive on sale (I’ve been considering it for a while since PC release) so no complaints about that!

They stopped giving me Captchas when I switched off my VPN. Worth it!

I’m subscribed to their newsletter but no coupon, shrug.